How are you using Skype in your classroom? If you need more ideas, check out these 50 ways to utilize the service with your students.

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I like using Skype for author visits. Many authors will do a free or low cost "visit" with your classroom and talk about their latest published works, writing style, and advice for young writers! Check authors' websites for details!

Hi! Suzzanne,

Do you know any author who will skype for free. This month we celebrate Library month and was interested if anyone will advice young writers

Kind Regards


This is an awesome idea. I am sure that my students would be interested in hearing from the author in "person". How do you suggest that I get in contact with the author? email?
Great ideas and I like how this page was set up with the different sections - Promoting Education, Promoting Community, Skype Ideas for Teachers and Parents,  Resources for Getting Started and Using Skype,  Finding Others Using Skype.  Very useful site.
I have not used skype in the classroom yet but drafting out a project now. We hope to skype with some others schools who teach Chinese language around Sydney, then hope to skype with schools in China. Have checked out the skype in education links to get some ideas. Would appreciate any other advice. Thanks!
I think Skype is a great way to connect to other schools on the matter of bullying. Students can connect and discuss.
i also would like my students to collaborate and discuss their views on various topics with other students and schools. Thanks for the link mentioned above.
I believe that Skype is a wonderful tool to use in the classroom.  I feel that it allows students to talk with other students around the world.  They are able to see that we do not always learn the same.  Each country has its own traditions and possibly a different language.  For a brief moment, students are able to explore a world other than the four walls they are generally kept in all day.
Skype is a wonderful tool to use in the classroom,
I never thought of it before, but Skype can be a wonderful tool for author "visits."
I would have never thought about using Skype in the classroom, but this sounds like an excellent idea!
I really like the idea of using skype to let students communicate with other students around the globe. What a wonderful cultural experience.



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