I have been thinking of a million different ways that Skype could be used in the classroom.  What are some ways that you are using Skype for?

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We have a student in France on an exchange program. Yesterday he Skyped in on the IWB to talk to all his classmates back home about his adventures. We were able to meet his host brother and look around his home and neighbourhood via the webcam on his laptop.
Silvia Tolisano is a fantastic resource for skyping informtion.
Good luck with your efforts at Skype.
Hi Jonne,

Last Christmas, some of my students decided to have an early holiday and left one week early! We made a deal and a date to skype at the regular class times. So, they skyped in from poolside in Florida while the rest us of (freezing in Montreal) wrapped up our Philosophy for Teens class. They had read the material before class and were able to participate in the discussions. Initially, the buzz was about the students on the screen but after a few minutes, the students (grade 11) settled down and the conversation about Descartes became the focus of the class and not the skype itself.

Daryl Bambic
I have used Skype to introduce my kids to experts (ie meteorologist), to communicate with kids all over the country, and to collaborate with other classes. During Read Across America, my class shared a story with a different class each day. During "Poem in your Pocket" day, we shared poems with a school in Long Island. My class along with another class in our system sang the class song together. Lots of uses! I have some Skype resources on my class website. Feel free to check them out. http://www.ecboe.org/211020513134459567/blank/browse.asp?a=383&...|4423|&NodeID=4423. If anyone is interested in Skyping with my class (4th grade), feel free to contact me.

We have 4 of each grade.  In grades 3 and 4, each class connected with a school in the United States (We are in Peru) and they shared information about our flag, common foods, animals peculiar to the Andes, danced one of our many folk dances, even talked about junk food.  The schools in the States, shared information about their state, tourist attractions, holidays.  The possibilities are endless.  Have a great time!

Get a conference camera though - a small one makes it difficult.  We used a Microsoft Life Cam.



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