I've been trying to figure out new ways to give feedback to students in the class via technology tools.  Ever tried the Senteo clickers to go with SMART technology??  The students go gaga over them and so do I!  I started using them last year and just love the immediate feedback the students and I get from them.  Students feel like they're playing a game and getting immediate responses while they're actually doing work:)  Wondering if anybody out there has had some good experiences with other technology devices for giving student feedback.

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The history department at my school is fortunate enough to have the Senteos to use for checks for understanding as well as formative and summative assessments.  I agree that students love the immediate feedback.  What I like to do after finishing a check for understanding is to put the bar graphs for the questions that were highly missed up on the big screen and we discuss the distractors.  After formative assessments, I change the Notebook permissions to not give students feedback till all students have finished the assessment.  Then I have them look at the questions and the answers they've missed.  They talk about what went wrong in order to "fix" themselves before the summative assessment.  This is a way for peers to give feedback to each other that doesn't involve whole class discussion.


Another way to give student feedback is to use Twitter with your students.  If you can project their answers on the big screen as they type it in Twitter, they can see if they missed the mark or are right on target.  Though I haven't tried that personally with my students, I know of a couple of teachers who have and they really like it.  Though I don't have the specifics (yet), I am working on plans to incorporate using Twitter with my students next year.  =)



Stephanie, hi. One of my recent workshops featured a group presentation introducing new tricks of the 2.0 trade, and I've bee tinkering with it at staff meetings. Love it. Here's the link:


I'd never heard of it. But it's quite cool. The only issue is your comfort level (or your board's rules) regarding devices in the classroom. We allow devices (phones, iPads, lap tops, iTouches, etc.) for educational purposes - and yes, it can get a bit hairy depending upon one's classroom management. You have to know your kids.

So, this site has instant responses to questions of any nature through the use of surveys. Check it out. Hope it helps.

Thanks for the link!  This looks like something I'd like to look into more:)



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