I'm looking for the easiest way to schedule computer labs. I'd like faculty to be able to view a calendar and be able to schedule their time. Obviously, ease of use is important. Can we set this up in google forms? Ideas?

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Hi Brandt,

Yes, I know this is six years old topic. However, decided that I will leave here my answer anyway. Maybe some of the readers will find it helpful. We are using/developing resource scheduling software at www.labandresourcescheduler.com. It's easy and intuitive. Maybe you would like to share your experience with this scheduler if you have any? I will be happy to discuss anytime. 

We use this service at our school and it works great.   It is way better than using Outlook/Exchange which we tried to use before and it provides us a way to schedule seats within our labs so that we can get better utilization.  Instead of one teacher bringing a group of 10 students into the lab and blocking out the entire computer lab (30 computers), the system allows other teachers to schedule the seats not used.

Google Forms and Google Calendar are probably the way to go ...

You'll find other options at




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