I am looking for classrooms that would be willing to skype or be willing to post videos of their PE classes that showcases a game or activity which focuses on thier culture or is unique to thier area. My classroom is in Trussville, AL and I have been trying to show my students that different games are played in different areas of the country and world. I think it would be great to show them what other kids thier age are playing. If anyone would be willing to participate in this, please let me know!

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I'm a Physical Education teacher at a private school for grades prek-8th. I have the same idea of a "interactive class" with one class presenting a lesson, and the other class would be viewing this via Skype! After the "presenting" the lesson the two classes would participate together. You can contact me on this site or email at jmorgan@qofhschool.org
Thanks for responding! I think this will be so much fun. Where is your classroom? What activities were you thinking about? I teach K-2 students. We could do any lesson that would apply to our younger students. My students love to "teach" others so I know they would have a great time with anything. My direct email is Jaime.Giangrosso@trussvillecityschools.com
We could do our "interactive" class with K-2. I'm sorry we didn't connect earlier but there was a Technological clitch when I sent you an email. Do you have a Skype account or Windows Messenger to video conference!
Joe Morgan
Queen of Heaven
Here's some video of a distinctly Utah PE activity.

Some say stick juggling has roots in ancient China to knock fruit out of trees.


Thanks for the video activity! Do you teach Physical Education, and woulfd you be interested in a "Interactive Classroom" using Skype, a web cam, a large wall or projector!
Joe Morgan (PE teacher prek-8th)
I was wondering how do your schools feel about this? I work for a youth detention center and would not legally be permitted to do it.
Hi Mike:
There are ways around "security issues"! What I do is use a form for parent permission to put student's on my web site. Also, the software that I use for my pictures and videos is Voicethread that can be set up to block from public view, and can only be accessed with a password. I hope that this answered your question!
Joe Morgan
Hi Karen:
I would love to set up a session that could be filmed and then sent to each school. The time difference between the States and Thailand is what? As far as our school year, we finish teaching a month from now! I would like to film a baseball session, and send it to you! How do you feel about this?
What a fantastic idea. I am going to talk to our PE teacher. Unfortunatey we are the same "culture", but our students do cup stacking which is not a "southern" game.
I apologize for being behind on this. I was recently placed on maternity leave. Our school year ends this week, but will begin again in the middle of August. I would love to tape and send a lesson or try to skype a lesson back and forth as well. I will be keeping up with this discussion this summer during my time off. I am open to any type of lesson you would like to do.
HI! My name is Aaron and I am currently enrolled in college looking to do a problem based learning project. This came up in a search I did and I loved the idea. I was wondering if you have any contacts I may get in touch with to look into actually doing this interactive classroom. My direct email is Awhitford@fairmontstate.edu. I can do this in either a elementary classroom or a high school room.

Hi Aaron:
I'm a Physical Education teacher at a private school for grades PreK-8th. I would love to have a Skype session with you that would involve our classes! If you are interested let me know and I can give you my Skype name to test our system compatibility!



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