I support elementary gifted students and am looking for some interesting, thought-provoking on-line math sites to challenge my students. Any suggestions?

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AppleEngine.com has a search engine for free online games. There isn't much out there that is free and easy to find, but I hope this helps!

Thank you. I'll give it a try. :)
I often use tasks from here:
They do vary in difficulty but I can always find some good ones to challenge my extension group.
I haven't explored this site in great detail, but at a quick glance it looked interesting. It's a scavenger hunt for various types of information, combined with math.

Directory of Educational Resources on the Web
I have set up a social network (ning) for gifted math students across our school as an action research project with great results. One of the key sites i used was http://www.mathplayground.com/mathtv.html the kids loved this site and the videos were a great way to scaffold their new learning. Their task was to articulate their solutions using 'smartrecorder' and then uploading this to the ning. Students would peer comment and the discussion was great, especially when they solved problems a different way. After this the kids had to write their own problem of a similar context and send this to all the members in the network. It is a great program which I hope to be able to continue in the future.
Some of the difficulties were time as I ran this on top of my own class and was often replying to emails late on Saturday nights with kids asking for new questions etc (How fantastic is that!).
I would love to see you ning! WOW!
Hi Trish,

I'm the publisher of Math Playground and would love to see what your students have done. It sounds fantastic!

I have a lot of decent links on my class website...


This is a game with a mythological theme. Students use certain math skills/concepts in order to progress. My collegue uses it (she has less internet restrictions at ther school) and her students are begging her to teach them higher skills in order to advance in the labyrinth. Students can play at home and on-line with each other.
Feel free to explore my educational resources site and place the link on your school's computers. From the main menu click on "Math" followed by your topic of choice. All the links are visual which makes it easy for kids to access. Click on the address below:


- Scott
I'd like to recommend Math Apprentice. It's a role playing game I developed for my students. Players visit 8 different businesses and assume the role of an apprentice or intern at each.

Sweet Treat Cafe: interpret data, scale up a pie recipe, and read graphs to maximize profit

Game Pro: learn how the pythagorean theorem is used in video games

Wheelworks: learn all about gear ratios and build a gear set based on customers' specifications

Space Logic: use basic programming commands to maneuver a robot around the surface of Mars

Doodles: work with an artist who uses math equations to generate unique curves and spirals

Trigon Studios: learn how trigonometry is used to create repetitive motion in animated movies

Builders, Inc: explore various shapes and design rooms with specific areas and perimeters

Adventure Rides: investigate the relationship between a rollercoaster's height and its maximum speed.



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