Greetings, Classroom2.0 mathematics family.

I could use your feedback. I have created some Geogebra dynamic worksheets for a project for school on which I'm working.

The Geogebra online worksheets can be accessed at the moment at IMPORTANT: You need the latest version of Java installed on your computer to view the worksheets. (It's free to download.)

The type of feedback that would be useful for me at this stage:

1) Though there is no introductory page, do the BAR MODELS themselves make sense?
2) Do the 8 steps to model drawing make sense?
3) Do the word problems make sense?
4) Did you have any navigation problems?
5) What might I do to make the pages clearer or the content clearer?
6) Is there anything wrong with any of the colors used on the pages?

Thank you SO much for your time and help!

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Hi Z. I checked your worksheets, and I don't know the techniques you are using, but it worked for me. The pages loaded slowly, but thats my old computer. On the first model, you may wish to change the whole is equal to the sum of its parts instead of part. Colors seem good.
Good Luck!
Thank you so much for time and your feedback.

Typo on first page! Sheesh! You'd think THAT would jump out at me.

I guess after looking at it for hours, these things fade into the background. So glad you noticed and let me know, as first impressions are important and lasting.
Hi Z

Great Stuff!
I had no problems following it through and think that it will be fairly straightforward for students. What level are you targeting?

I don't know that your note NOTE: When a = 1, the text in the yellow box should read: "B is b times as much as A." is really necessary as the whole number fractions that your sentence outputs are valid. Getting your students to make the connection between the whole number fractions and the value of b via a question might be good.

Typo on the first page The whole is the sum of its parts

How long did it take you to put together? I love Geogebra but haven't had the mind space available to make my own dynamic sheets.
Hi, jason de Nys.

Thank you so much for your time and feedback.

I see the typo now (it should be fixed by the time you'd get this reply). And, my professor agrees with your comment about the whole number fractions. It's neat to get the same comment from multiple people.

Time invested: I self-taught myself the Geogebra program and the few Java commands related, so the initial part of the learning curve was steep. It took me about 1.5 days to reacquaint myself with Geogebra, understand the minor Java coding involved (which controls what appears and disappears on the screen), and to design the bar models in Geogebra. Then, it took me another 1.5 days to improve my bar model designs and plan and re-plan the actual math and worksheet components.

HELPFUL RESOURCE: I googled "mathcasts and Geogebra" to get to a site with some VERY helpful and clear tutorials (with free downloadable resources). The videos were so helpful. You can access this site at

Hope this is informative! And, again, thank you! Your thoughts were very helpful.



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