I just got my Google Wave invite and don't have anyone else at our school to wave with yet. Would anyone be willing to add me to their contacts so that I can do something besides look at all the really cool features? I would like to use it to share elementary technology-rich projects and get real-time feedback.


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Yes, I'd like to!!!! here is my contact: b.ruizhuges@googlewave.com Anyone here who would like can add me. Let's wave!!!!!!
I'd like to also. I'm jepearson8@googlewave.com
Ditto for me. I'd love to expand network. I'm: meacherteacher@googlewave.com
I'm in about the same situation ( I have 1)--my google wave address is jdthomas2710@gmail.com
hi veryone. Let's provide me a googlewave invitation and i will add you as contact. Thanks from Italy. Help. aldoarbore[@]gmail.com
I would like to be involved in collaborating using google wave as well. I only have one other person on my wave and so far not too much happening with that. I am shannonempson@googlewave.com I look forward to collaborating!!
I have added you to my contact list. My wave id is rangoo@googlewave.com. Please contribute to my teacher wave by joining the teacher group at teachersonwave@googlegroups.com. The posts will appear on http://go.askrangoo.com/teachers [This is a wave address - the link is shortened for easy access]
For those of you who have replied so far, I am adding you to my wave contacts and am going to attempt to send a message later this evening. My wave contact is: techbrownie@googlewave.com Cheers!
I'd love to surf with you. I'm sanjabggg@googlewave.com
I see you added me Amy. I have sent you and the others on this conference a message. Check your inbox maybe you will find my message there!?!
I found your message and I am going to reply back soon :)
I'm having the same problem. Any of my contacts is interested in waving! My address is alvaroricsch@gmail.com



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