Hi friends,

I want to use VoiceThread to create a speaking test for my student.

Each thread would include my question audio files (one audio file for each question) and my student can record his/her answer to each question separately and upload to the same thread. Right now I don't know if it's possible to re-arrange their answers so that the answer to each question follows right after that question (i.e. at first the thread would include files in this order: Q1-Q2-Q3-A1-A2-A3, and then as the admin, I can rearrange the file into Q1-A1-Q2-A2-Q3-A3 for more convenient assessment?).

That's what I don't know about VoiceThread and it's difficult to get their support with this. I've tried but in vain.

Does any of you have experience with VoiceThread? Could you tell me if I can do this (i.e. rearranging the order of the comment files)?

Also, besides VoiceThread, do you know if there are any softs, especially free ones, that can address my needs above?

Thank you!!

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Personally I don't have any experience with VoiceThread. Usually I make videos with Camtasia (you can even make plain audios with Microsoft PowerPoint) and this writing course of mine is created with Articulate 360 so everything I have is uploaded there. Also, I've heard Kannu is pretty interesting learning management system.



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