In my district we are starting a weekly publication of new and useful links for the classroom. I would love suggestions. Here is my first suggestion, This is the best math program I have seen so far and it is free! They host webinars every Wednesday. Tons of reports and ways to track your students' progress. Also email reports can be sent to parents by only checking a box. So easy. Oh, and it is customized to every state's standards!!!

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Are these links shared somewhere that we could all see?

Thank you for this link! The teacher site is easy to navigate and the kids page is easy as well. The student tracker has little people that fill up as they progress through the lessons. Hopefully the games will encourage them to complete more practice. Thanks for sharing!

And same question as R Sunser, is there any way for us to see what your districts links are?

Yes, we have created a Portaportal to house the Link of the Week suggestions, however the description of the links and suggested uses will not be posted there. We send out a weekly email to all district staff, which includes the description and suggested uses. If you would still like to check out the portal, here is the link, Also you may be interested in checking out my websites that includes a page for all of the grades that I work with, a page for web 2.0 tools, and a professional development page. All pages are loaded with useful links that students use throughout the school year.

If you have any suggestions on sites, I would love to hear them. Thanks.
One more thing... we just started this initiative this month, so there is not a lot in the portal yet.

Good luck building the portal. I think it is a great idea!

Another link you might like to consider: 

Thanks for the link. Those are great educational games.

This is great, thank you.  I like the 3-5 Interventions link for smartboard.


This is great post.  My class is also starting to create a list of helpful links that teachers can use like

Thanks for this link!  I'm always looking for math resources like this. I just set up my class list and am going to try and test it out with some of my third grade math students.  This is wonderful!!

Nicole - I would suggest that you investigate instaGrok.  instaGrok teaches 21st Century research and curation skills using a safe, age appropriate educational search engine and electronic journals.  It has just been released and has received positive reviews.


Thank you everyone for the great links and keep them coming!

I think the Link of the Week is a great idea!  Thank you for the link to the portal as well as the other links from everyone else!



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