Which do you  use? Which do you prefer? Why? We're a Mac lab. I've been very happy with Kid Pix for the past 15 years. Is it worthwhile to switch to Pixie?  Why? Thanx for any feedback.

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Hi Faith,

I do love Pixie and all of the Tech4Learning tools. And, I have Pixie at home and my kids love it. So between those two, I would say Pixie.

However, a free, web-based alternative is Kerpoof.com. Maybe you have tried it. My kids (my own and my students) love it! It's free but you do have to make account in order to save creations. I use the "Gmail trick" to make a set of classroom logins. Give it a shot...nothing to install and it really encourages creativity.

Mark on Twitter
I too use TuxPaint. I find it comperable to KidPix with a lot of good gadgets that make it fun for the kids to use. I've also tried Kerpoof. I liked it better in its original format.



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