There are a number of posts from individuals interested in using iPod Touches for teaching and Learning. At Culbreth Middle in Chapel Hill, NC we began a pilot this past August to place the iPod Touch in the hands of staff and students.

Our staff development for faculty to roll out the new technology centered on teacher coaches leading their groups in exploration through professional learning communities.

Our AVID students use the iPod Touch in the AVID classroom and in all other courses. They have piloted this program, using the iPod Touches daily for note taking, keeping individual agendas, translation for world languages, and accessing research through the Internet. In addition, our AVID students use many of the apps that teachers sync with these mobile devices. As student leaders, they’ve understood their responsibility to work and share this learning tool in collaborative groups.

This winter we were able to add iPod Touch labs for each of our seven interdisciplinary teams and two labs for our exploratory and resource teams. The interdisciplinary grade level iPod Touch labs are housed with each team and shared among the four content teachers (math, language arts, science, and social studies). These teachers plan together so that their students have access throughout each day. They access the internet as needed and use many apps as well.

Teacher current app favorites include: WordBook, Thesaurus, USA, Countries, Brain Tuner, Blanks, Whiteboard, CoinToss, Lose It!, Word Warp, FlipBook Lite. Of course they are using the included apps: Calendar, Calculator, Notes, Clock, YouTube throughout each day.

We held an iPod Touch Day last week with visitors from all over the state and from across the country. We even had a group from the UK come see our students and teachers in action with the iPod Touch. With almost 400 iPod Touches now in use at Culbreth, we’re happy to share what we’ve learned and what we’re learning.

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Dear Deon,
Fellow Taswegian (from Devonport!), but had to leave the state to study in Melbourne (music teacher). Which school are you at? I presume you know Peter Lelong who is a fellow ADE....

In terms of health problems, it's second finger opposed to thumbs...see the research from people over texting!
P.s can you email me so I can find out some more info regarding syncing etc...
I am interested in your distrubution of the iPod in syncing/charging. I will be involved in a project here in Australia using 180 ipod touches and the big logistical question we need to solve is how to sync apps, how to charge etc..
Would be interested in your response...
There are a few posts in this thread that address these issues. A bit hard to find, yes, but there was a fairly recent one on this topic.

Possible solutions:

Bretford cart/case (30 or 15 devices, I think) - very expensive, all in one unit that Susan uses at Culbreth (amongst others).

Parasync unit - cheaper, possibly not as 'polished' as the Bretford. 15 devices?

Tribeam cart - a variety of options, mid-price from what I hear.

Powered USB hubs - CHEAP (~$60 for 7 port hub). Messy (cables everywhere!) but for a fraction of the cost of pre-fab units, you can get a Pelican case to fit a smallish set...

Consider Tech Support costs: the prefab carts allow simple connectivity that save time if it is the job of one or two people.

If responsibility is in classes (as at my school, where we will have 200+ itouches next year), USB hubs would be fine.

I'm in Tassie, btw.

There's some info on syncing on my blog:
Earlier in the discussion I said that the Bretford cart was too heavy. I was wrong, the complaint came from someone who did not take the brake off and was pushing against it!

I am really liking it, although I know it is expensive.
Hello All,

I am working with a small set of iPod Touches 2gen and have a question. Is there a way to lock the apps in place. Some of our K-1s are holding down the app when they select allowing them to delete apps. Thought some of you who have done deployment might have insight. I don't have a sync/charging cart.

Thanks Norm
Hello Norman,
I have fought with this issue as well. Apple does not provide this functionality. I would recommend e-mailing them about it (as I have done) as they tend to incorporate features that ALOT of people ask for. In an educational setting (and with my own kids at home) this functionality would be great.
This is awesome! Wonderful to hear how you are implementing and utilzing iPod Touch with students and teachers. Did you find a specific grant that funded this technology?

Also, what are your thoughts about specific coaching (life wellness/life balance curriculum) for teens that's accessible by iPod? There's a lot of curriculum being designed around this - the audio, tech piece and the downloadable/fillable PDF workbook. It's very objective oriented and meets the need that we are seeing with technology learner/community development and teen life skills.

There will soon be a new iPhone/Touch app produced as well. Let me know if this intrigues you and I can connect you with the developers. Thanks for sharing the most commonly used apps - I'm enjoying the research that your post has spurred in me! Thanks again for sharing!
I like your ideas about the coaching thing..that also could be applied to adults.. (as in life coaching tools)...I am definitely interested...(can you put me in touch with the developers?

Two options:
First link allows you to have a free 30 day access and after that a $19/month access to iPod coaching and PDF curriculum all online! I can chat with you or anyone in our discussion offline or through Skype to learn how to implement the adult or teen coaching programs.

Second link offers you a free community - you can listen to coaching programs and download to your iPod to get familiar. The app will be developed soon - email me if all of this intrigues you further -

Amazing things being developed coaching and technology and I LOVE using iPod technology with students and my coaching clients - it's awesome personal and professional development!

Hi everyone

I have just updated my blog with some useful hints and tips for setting up iPods that will be used in schools.

It talks about logistics, syncing, storage, protection... and whatever else people want to add by way of comment.

Check it out at:

The Life of iDeon2.0

Please add comments!

A reader added some information about the iPhone Configuration Utility. This sounds quite useful...
Will do...and will also email you...



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