We just got an iPad at home and we've been playing with it. Both my wife and I are very happy and impressed with its functionality but it doesn't seem to support flash. We went to view a flash movie on youtube and there was a message that it doesn't support it.

Can I get around this problem somehow? HELP!


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Apparently, you need a plugin to go to facebook. Without it the videos don's show and the layout of facebook is messed up. After the installation everything is just fine. 


Flash is not supported by iPad.  It is true.

The answer is: it depends. iPad definitely does not support interactive flash (for example, friv.com is hopeless). But, if it's flash movie, you can play it in iPad using any number of downloadable iPad web browsers that support flash: Splashtop browser, Skyfire browser, Photon browser, etc.

Using the YouTube app will stream videos. 

In general don't worry about it. Adobe is de-emphasizing (read: killing) Flash and embracing HTML 5 so fairly soon Flash-based webpages will be about the only thing using Flash as the majority of media will move from Flash to HTML5

Yes, it is true.. flash is not supported by iPads.....

Try the Puffin Browser it supports showing some Flash videos.

Hi Evaggelos,

Flash is not really designed to run mobile devices. It's too resource-heavy which leads to crashes and massive draining of the batteries on mobile devices. Even on other tablets like the BlackBerry Playbook or Android Tablets, the flash experience isn't great. If you want to watch YouTube videos, just use the YouTube app. Or try out SkyFire as Dina suggested but I haven't had much luck with SkyFire on my iPhone.

If any of you are curious, Steve Jobs wrote an interesting treatise on why he decided not to allow Flash on the iPhone and iPad called Thought On Flash. Adobe just announched in November that they will be killing off Flash for mobile devices anyway. The new HTML5 standard for video and multimedia, which works perfectly on the iPad, will soon be the norm.


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Hey Kyle,

I loved Jobs' open letter about Flash. Thanks for sharing.




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