Through adding many websites to my Diigo portfolio. I have found many articles of opinions on the use of technology in classrooms, more specifically the use of tablets or smartboards to name a few. I think in the future this will pose quite useful, because i'm pretty sure I have covered all corners on the pros and cons of tech use in the class, tech use for different age groups and no tech at all. One very interesting website I found was one that discussed the use of video games in the classroom.. Yes you did read that correctly VIDEO GAMES. As if that isn't the dream of every student no matter how old, it is always shown to be efficient and encouraging in a learning environment. This website informed me that "Three features mark modern literacy. First, it includes not only text but also image and screen literacy." Which is there pleading case towards the use of video games. My main findings were articles and blogs but I have learned how to search more efficiently through this project as well. 

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