How have you integrated the use of a FlipCam in an Elementary Classroom?

I am preparing a FlipCam presentation for my colleagues and I have been gathering ideas about how they might use the FlipCam  in their classrooms.  I would love to hear some additional ideas of how teachers have been using this fabulous technology. Please share your thoughts and ideas....they are appreciated!



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We use Flip cameras for a variety of projects, most often digital storytelling. I created a Prezi to introduce digital storytelling to teachers, and it includes some links (as well as examples) that might help:


Good luck!


Katy Scott

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Thanks for the response, Katy!  I loved your presentation.  I need to spend some time looking into different platforms for digital storytelling....I know my students would love it!  Thanks!
We use it to record plays and oral reports and then e-mail it to the parents so they can see it.  We also use the cards - each child records a Happy Father's Day wish and we e-mail it to them.  The parents help the child practice for the performance but often never get to see it.  This gives them the opportunity to enjoy their child´s performance and gives the child a chance to shine.
I love your ideas, Grace!  Thanks so much for sharing! 
I think using the FlipCam to record student's oral reports is a great idea! I agree that it gives parents a chance to enjoy their child's performance, but it also gives parents and children the chance to see progress that is often difficult to document. I can imagine the improvements in oral presentation that would occur over a years time, though this is difficult to comprehend when simply looking at a grade or comment sheet. Additionally, the use of a FlipCam allows the teacher to easily upload and save video documentation in a student's portfolio. This allows teachers to refer back to previous recording to make note of the student's progression or lack thereof. In cases where reading or language difficulty exists, the use of video provides valuable examples to accompany the teacher's written documentation.
This is such a great idea. There are so many parents that do not have the chance to be actively involved in their child's extracurricular activities. This is good for parents who have to work, live in another city, or who are away on active duty. I love how this idea helps the parents stay close as a family even though they may not be physically there.

We used it to start the PARP (Parents as Reading partners) program in the E-school.  We, the library media specialist and myself, took students and teachers from various grade levels K-5 and asked them what their favorite memory of reading was/is.  Then what their favorite book is.  We then compiled this into a movie, which the 5th grade technology classes did with us, and showed it at the PARP kick off.  It was an excellent lesson and a lot of fun learning/creating.


I would also suggest using it to do an "about me" video that you could send home with a student to do with their parents.  That could be risky but really interesting to say the least!

Thanks for the great ideas, Tom!  I really like the PARP wheels are turning!!!!

Our title 1 teachers use flip cams for readers theater, and to record the children for fluency.  One of them even records the children reading to self quietly for Kinders and first graders do not understand that concepts.  I used it to show the children how what they thought was quiet was not.

Melanie...I love the idea of recording for fluency. I teach first grade and I was just thinking the other day how much I regret that I don't have video of my students from the first few weeks of the school year.  It would be so cool to be able to show them how far they have come with their reading...especially at the end of the year! 


Also--thank you so much for the class mgt. idea.  I never really thought about using it in that way!  Now I am thinking I could use it to have them analyze all sorts of classroom routines.  It would be great for them to be able to "see" themselves and talk about how they could improve!


Thanks again!!! Jill

Hey Jill,

We use Flip cams to record a variety of videos in my classroom. We've done news reports for science, math videos to share concepts we've learned and we even recently filmed a movie trailer for The BFG. I find the Flip HD camcorders work well enough to shoot videos using a green screen but aren't too expensive where I don't trust me students to use them! The great thing about the Flip video camcorders is that they're easy to use so I have no issue letting my students take control of them.

To see some of our videos you can visit my class blog - There are some videos right on the home page as well as some in the video section at the top of the page. All of them were shot using Flip camcorders.

Good luck!

Shawn Avery

I am currently student teaching at the University of Texas at San Antonio and we have used FlipCam for various assignments.  One that I recall in particular is a role-playing assignment in which we partnered up and acted as a student and teacher going over academic assessment scores together.  It was a great assignment for us to practice conferencing and I think role-playing using FlipCams can be beneficial for students of all ages, especially in an elementary classroom!  It gives students an opportunity to look back at themselves on video.



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