How do you see immersive learning being used in classroom?

With the prevalence of 3D and Virtual Reality technologies, immersive learning gets more attractions as well. However, the efficiency of immersive learning is still debatable. Some people think it is great in that it brings the feel of presence to students, improve engagement, help visualize objects (like skeleton, molecular, ...) in 3D which otherwise will be too abstract for students to grasp. While other people argue it is expensive, unnecessary, even distracting. 

As educators, what is your opinion over immersive learning? Have you ever met situations that you wish a virtual learning environment could have been offered so that you can use it to enhance your students' learning experience and in turn improve learning outcomes?

I work for an education company and am currently exploring immersive learning, what I have been struggling with is to find out a "killer scenario" where immersive learning technology is desperately needed. So your insights are very much appreciated.


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Immersive learning places individuals in an interactive learning environment, either physically or virtually, to replicate possible scenarios or to teach particular skills or techniques.



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