Today's textbooks are dinosaurs.  They reflect an age gone by.  Imagine a textbook where students can help create content, where the learning is geared toward their individual learning styles in a choose your own adventure/content/assignment type of format, complete with an integration of Google +'s new dynamic social networking platform that could allow students to work in a "Hangout" in real time with up to 10 students who can collaborate on projects with students from around the world.


Imagine creating a project on the Revolutionary War with some students in England and video chatting with them during class/outside of the classroom, creating a living breathing interaction and having all of these features wrapped in to the interactive textbook of tomorrow.


Let's build this textbook today with teachers and students.  Help me do so and read more about the project by voting for my WeCollaborate project idea at


Let me know what you think at @mannixlab or


It's time to start the revolution.  The tools are sitting right in front of us.  All we need is a little passion and the first step forward.  Let's take it together.



Brian Manix

Social Studies Teacher

Technology Staff Developer

Great Neck South Middle School

2010 Educator Leader of the Year

Tech & Learning Magazine



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