I am curious: Have you ever attended a BarCamp or an UnConference? If yes, what was your experience like? Are you aware of other BarCamps or UnConferences happening in your city?

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I've attended unConferences. They can be good, if those in attendance are willing and eager to share and discuss. If there are a lot of "sponges" in attendance the unconference won't be very good. The unconference format is best suited for very advanced/knowledgable groups of individuals who learn more collectively than they would by speaking individually.
Thank you so much for your insight, John. I have not yet attended an UnConference but am very interested in doing so. Aside from coming prepared with questions and the knowledge necessary to adequately participate, what other tips would you give those attending and UnConference for the first time?
Everyone must be ready to contribute by both leading a discussion and joining one. Unconference sessions (at least the ones I have attended) are informal, small group discussions.



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