I am putting together a presentation for my school on why teachers should consider blogging.  As part of my presentation, I wish to provide some examples of great classroom blogs.  May I please get some links from teachers so that I can use your blogs as examples of what great sites, and why my peers should consider utilizing blogs?  I am sure other teachers visiting this discussion would like to see your sites, as well.  Thank you!

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Here are some of my favorites:

My blog: The Electric Educator
iFift by Karen Bosch, 5th Grade Teacher
Joel Zehring
Daniel Rezac
I love the iFifth site. It's great to see other Elementary School Teachers using blogs in the classroom.
Karen and I teach at the same school. She has done an amazing job at creating a class theme. Those Apple Distinguished Educators do great work!
Dean... everyone on this site who has their own personal "professional" blog is about to link it to this thread (no matter how good the blogs actually are!). Be ready for hundreds of replies!
No problem, lol. Although, as you know, I'm really looking for classroom blogs and wikis. It's all good, and thanks again..
Very nice, thank you.
There is a teacher in my school who has used his blogs as a way for students and families to work on the writing process by providing feedback and online conversation about their writing. It has been a huge success and has excited parents and students in becoming involved with writing. You can get to his many blogs at http://www.underhill.k12.vt.us/baronhome.htm
Thanks Michael!
There are 2 types of teachers when it comes to this. The ones that embrace the Internet and the others.
Being a graduate of the ONLINE educational system, bach & Master in IT (2006), I am so amazed at people who are not using the Internet. Here is a good one to tell your teachers. Google has a Blog Search feature so whatever any of us put on the Internet, anyone that wants to can find what we have written.
Google has a free blog for anyone that wants one. The best thing I would say is that as long as they don't publish anything political they will be OK. No sex or commercial promotion either. Tell them if they are concerned they can use another name. I think there are many people who should do this. Teachers, Military, FBI, etc. I do not want to see anyone become a victim and when you are in a public position you need to be careful.
The kids and their parents are seeing so much junk on the Internet, teachers blogging would introduce objectivity, especially when the blogs include links to quality web sites. I know many parents who monitor what web sites they allow their kids to see.



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