Hello Teachers!

I teach 10th grade English and am currently putting the finishing touches on my classroom website.  I used Google Sites and linked it to a classroom Ning network. 
I would love some feedback and suggestions, as I'm new to using Google Sites. 

Some things to consider: 

1.  I plan on uploading the homework daily. 
2.  I haven't imported the class calendar yet so it still shows as the "Holiday" calendar template
3.  The Ning network is password protected, but if you want to take a look just shoot me an email and I'll add you to the network. You can stay all year and watch how it progresses!

Please be as thorough as possible and let me know if I can add/change anything. You won't hurt my feelings. I promise. 

Praise/Rip Away!


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Thanks Derrick. They look awesome. I like how they're clean and offer so many resources for both students and parents. I'm going to take a couple of your ideas and put them to good use on my site!
Thanks for the feedback!
The site looks great. I'm jealous that your students will be reading Of Mice and Men this year. I'm just finishing up The Grapes of Wrath for the second time.

One suggestion I'd give you is to create a link back to your school or grade homepage. You can do this using HTML redirect code. I have an an example of it on my website http://www.patrickhibbard.com

Thanks for sharing!
Thanks, Patrick. I taught Grapes of Wrath for a few years in my 11th grade class, but now I'm doing Of Mice and Men with the 10th graders. We also do Cannery Row at the 11th grade level. Gotta love Doc!
Anyhow, I took a look at your site. Thanks for providing the resource. I like the idea of the redirect. I'll be putting this in tomorrow.
Thanks again!

Any more ideas out there? Links to your classroom Google Site?
The site looks good. My observations are:

1) Go over and visit godaddy.com and buy a .info domain for 99 cents....so that way you could purchase www.mrhuttenbrauck.info and just give kids that URL. The ones you get from google sites are too complicated for kids and parents to use...(or you could buy a .com for 7 or 8 dollars...search for a coupon for 20% off) Once you buy the domain just have it "forwarded" to the google site, which is an option you have for free in godaddy

2) If it was my school, they would probably tell me that my wife is showing too much leg :-)

3) I have found it very difficult to keep up with putting the homework on the website in the past...and if you do, and you miss a day, kids will say things like "I checked the website and there was no homework, so..."

Good luck
Although I love free tools, I think I'll have to spend a few dollars on my own domain name. Going with a .com to avoid confusion. Thanks for the tip Cohen.

I'll be able to post homework from my phone, including links to handouts (still need to add this feature to the sidebar), so posting daily shouldn't be a problem. If it gets tedious, I'll just stop giving homework;-)

Love the feedback! Thanks!
Nice site. My only suggestion would be is you may want some of your links that are on your sidebar to open in a new window/tab vs. shifting focus from your site. Maybe ask the students their opinion after they spend some time on it.
I also agree with Cohen about buying your own domain. I did that when I was student teaching and it made it very easy for students to access the site no matter what computer they were using. Well worth the money.
Classroom site used during student teaching 6th grade. I focused it just for students during this time because it was my first time using sites with other people other then myself :)
New classroom site mock up. I am currently looking for a teaching position so some things are vague or not completed. I will also switch the domain name to the new site when competed and edited. This site is focused both for students and their families. I created a separate class blog for students for daily class happenings and discussions, also because it also for mobile posting :)
Nice sites, Carrie. They look great. I really like the daily classroom blog link as it provides a nice way for kids to communicate and design in their own section. Hopefully my Ning network functions in the same way. The slideshow feature is something that I'll be looking into as well.

Congratulations on the Masters Degree and thanks for all the feedback!



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