I am moving into a departmentalized situation next year with a group of other teachers and I was thinking that using google docs would be a good way of managing the weekly newsletter home for the group of us. Example - We would all contribute but then one of use would be in charge of printing for parents.

I am looking for any teachers who currently use google docs in this way. I'm trying to get a handle of the pros, cons, and maybe see an example of a collaborate newsletter. Thank you!

Eve Heaton
Mossy Oaks Elementary School (4th grade)

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I found your question as I was looking for answers ... did you end up doing this? If so, how is it going? Could you post an example or two? Thanks!
I didn't. I tried to make it work over the summer but found it cumbersome. We just email each other our news for the week and we put together our own classroom newsletter. Sorry.

Yep, after playing around with the templates and then trying to make my own, I decided it wasn't worth it. Thanks for getting back to me :)
I've used google docs during my business graduate studies for team based collaborative projects. They work like a charm. You can edit the document simultaneously and almost see the other person write live. Some of my suggestions are using different colors for edits. Some formatting will need to be done once all contributions are made. I suggest copying/pasting into notepad to get rid of google doc's formatting and then re-pasting from notepad into word without any formatting.

I can send you an "invite" to one of the many google docs I've used or anyone who is interested. Send me your e-mail to genadiy@genadiy.com

Using google docs saves A LOT of time.



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