Hi! I'm applying to be a Google Certified Teacher. I had seen some posting on here last year where other Google Certified Teachers gave comments on applicants' videos. I would love some feedback! Here's the link to my video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DMFSBsfCEQc

I had problems in one area where the volume goes down and I know it has something to do with the transition that is right after it. I deleted this section and put it in again, but am still having problems. I created this in imovie '08, if anyone has any suggestions. We I go into the link in youtube it also seems to be playing very slow-hope it's just my connection speed and not another problem.

Any feedback would be great! Thanks!

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Looks good. My advice: I would put more time into the application questions. The video is more to gauge your tech skills. I have seen good, great, and average GCT videos. The academy is a lot of fun and a full day of learning!! Good luck!

Andy Crozier
GCT Boulder 09
Thanks Andy! I was going to put music on tonight and then be totally finished with it. I will take your advice and make sure my answers to the application are in tip top shape. Thanks again!
Thanks for the help. I didn't get accepted for the DC session. Maybe next time!
Sorry to hear you didn't get in for DC. Keep trying! It is a good community and PD program.There is so much to learn!



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