The topic that I chose to do for my global awareness lesson plan was to have my students use ePal. I liked ePal because it is a safe way to have students use the internet while learning from other students around the global. I chose to do my lesson on culture. It was very ironic I had just been teaching this to my students and they struggled with it greatly. For re-teaching I am going to use the lesson I created once I return from spring break with them. I will set up the emails for each other the students and then allow the students to explore for another student of their age and or grade in the culture of their choice. Students were given interview questions to learn more about the other students culture.

Questions included were:

  • What food is most found in your culture?
  • What kind of clothing is wore?
  • What music is commonly heard there?

Students were then to take what they had learned and turn it into a poster board presentation with pictures and labels about what they had learned about that culture.

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I created a similar lesson using ePals. I agree with what you were saying about students struggling to understand these concepts without having a more concrete source like communication with a student in that country. Hearing the information from a penpal across the world is so much more engaging than the teacher showing a video or lecturing on the country. I am thankful for the ePals site for allowing these great teaching opportunities. 

Yes, I am so glad that this was introduced. I had known their were similar ways of communicating with students around the world but had never experimented with any. I like ePals because I feel that is it very safe for my students. I think it will be a great hands on experience for my students.



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