I am looking for geometry teachers who would like to begin a collaborative partnership in which we can exchange ideas and share student work including a possible Skype transactions and video sharing. I am particularly interested in corresponding with teachers from English speaking countries outside the US.

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ok, i've got one interested geometry teacher...next steps?
I am new to this also. I just signed up today and I am glad to have received a response in such a short period of time.

When you say you have one interested geometry teacher, would you be referring to yourself or someone else?

sorry, i'm the edtech coordinator at valley christian schools...i've been looking into arranging these types of collaborative partnerships for our teachers, and i think this might be a great opportunity...we've got a geometry teacher who's experienced with online teaching using elluminate and she's very interested...should we set up a skype meeting with the three of us to discuss collaborative opportunities?

you may find some collaboration ideas in these discussions "collaboration" and ""videoconferencing"
Ok - that sounds great! I see you are in CA, but I doubt if I will be able to find someone outside the US for video conferencing since there is such a great difference in time. I believe there is a three hour difference between CA and AL. What are your school hours?

I am about to get a new laptop (tablet) and so I will have to reinstall the software for Skype -- I will reply again to this thread once that is done.

How long have you been a tech coordinator?

sure, let me know when your computer is ready and we'll set up a time to meet; hopefully, one of our geometry teacher's preps during the morning/early afternoon will fall in line with some of you available time
Ok - great! My prep time is 8:00 -- 9:51 on regular days. On Fridays I also have 12:39 to 1:27 on regular schedule.

However, I am almost always available after school at 3:15. All times are Central time.

perfect, how's next Tuesday or Thursday from 9-9:30am (your time)? i just sent our geometry teacher the link to this site, so she'll be joining soon...in the meantime, you can see her class page to see where she is in the curriculum, watch one of her recorded sessions, etc.

if you want to screen-share, we can use elluminate...or, have you installed the screen sharing extra for skype?

also, feel free to invite any other interested teachers (i noticed you've gotten some more bites)
I will be getting a new tablet pc within the next week, so I will have to wait until then to install software. I can only install approved software from a list on our system's technology page. I know Skype is one of them. I'll be in touch.
Dear Lisa,

Jeremy Cunningham is our Technology Enhancement coordinator for our school and he was referring to me when he mentioned an interested geometry teacher. I've been teaching geometry for 10 years and have yet to tire of the subject. I've noticed some intesting trends in my students over the past few years and I would love to get feedback from other geomtry teachers about some of my basic observations what other teachers are doing to meet the chalIend of teaching math these days. I am always trolling around for new ideas and insights to turn on those "lightbulbs" above my students' heads :-) Your feedback and thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Jeremy mentioned next week 7am or 7:30am on Thursday (Pacific Time), that sounds great to me. Let me know what works for your schedule. We have an inservice Tuesday morning.

If you have some favorite math/educational websites, please pass them on. I'm always looking to add items to my "toolbox" since this year I've gone textbookless for homework and I am utilizing more and more web resources. Thanks for your thoughts and efforts.
Hi Matt. I am interested -- do you teach geometry all day? Is it regular or honors? Is it part of an integrated course or is it a separate course? What topics are you currently covering?
Hi Lisa,
My name is Jen Kraft. I am a technology coach at North Schuylkill High School in Pennsylvania. I have a geometry teacher who is interested in collaborating as well. Please let me know if you'd be interested in having her involved with this project as well. Her name is Leah Briggs.

Hi, My name is Ruth - I teach Plane Geometry and Numeric Geometry at Upper Perkiomen High School in Pennsburg, Pennsylvania. I'm interested in seeing what's out there. I teach in block - 90 minutes. We started a new semester two weeks ago, so we are approaching the end of Chapter One. We use McDougall Littell.



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