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I am looking for software or tutorial to use to teach Geography and Ancient History at the middle school level. Students are stuggling with the concepts and the teachers are looking for different ways to approach them.

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Well, Google Earth is a great tool for Geography and even History.

Click on the 'Gallery' under 'layers' in the sidebar and you can get an overlay for ancient Rome in 3D created by the University of Virginia. You can see all of the ancient buildings accurately recreated. It is an awesome use for teh platform and I can only see more of this sort of thing being created in the future.

You could even get your students to draw historical borders on the Earth using the drawing tools.
Hi Colleen,
I have a few links on my homework help page that my students like to play:

Scroll down and you will see them in the green table.
Have you considered any games? Civilization IV (various scenarios), Rome, Caesar, Alexander, etc. You can look up each game in Wikipedia to get an idea of what it's about. Keep in mind, several of these games have Mods that attempt to make them more historically accurate. Others have students play the game then discuss where the scenarios presented differed from reality.

If you're interested, I posted an essay about getting started with some of these games, Academic Commons Essay
All you have to do is get your students to memorize this song: and they will have no problems with Geography for the rest of their lives. :)



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