I am an elementary IT teacher and I would love to use the web 2.0 resources. However how to I get around creating a log in for my kids, because the school is very against kids getting email addressses...




Lindsey Pierce

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IF you have a Google gmail account, you can just have the kids use your account by typing in your email + their name like this: dduck+studentname@gmail.com. This will dump all their confirmation emails into your gmail in box. OR, Buy a web domain name and set the email to "catchall". This allows you to have dummy accounts that work for 2.0 applications. Further explanation and step-by-step directions can be found here: http://www.tammyworcester.com/TipOfWeek/TammyWTechTipOfWeek/Entries...
Good luck!
Hi Lindsey,
There are options that might work for you. I have been trying to get around this situation with many of the teachers that I work with from districts that block sites. There are sites called disposable emails that provide temporary inboxes. I have a few listed on my wiki, but my favorite is 10minute mail. I hope something here can help. The other thing that you might try is using ePals for safe student emails. They are free and only require parent permission. Hope these help.
ePals SchoolMail is a safe, powerful email system designed for K12 student use, one that your school will likely approve. These are the email addresses being used by the International Baccalaureate schools through their IB virtual community: http://ibo.epals.com.

SchoolMail is free and does not have imbedded ads. Teachers can use the "difficult word" filter and also can set levels to preview incoming and outgoing mail as they wish. Permissions and levels of use can be adjusted by the teacher for each student on an individual level, with a couple of clicks.

If you would like more info, go to www.epals.com. Or sign up for a free webnar, ePals 101: http://epals.101.sgizmo.com.

You can also look at some tutorials about SchoolMail and other ePals features at: http://bit.ly/learnePals

If you want to see web 2.0 tools integrated with a single signon and in a private space, check out ePals LearningSpace: http://learningspace.epals.com. It is not free, but some schools are finding they are saving money by gonig to this cloud-based platform. (This is the platform licensed by the IBO. See http://bit.ly/IBvideo.)



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