Do you have one, and if so which one? Our school may be getting our first one soon, so I was wondering which one people liked best, where you got it from and any other such tips, hints or recommendations you have.


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Here is my Blog post about the Document Cameras we are using in my district. Cost about $430
Thanks for the article Michael. Looks like a great tool to have.
I have used a Logitech Webcam Pro 9000 that comes with a stand for it, but I can't remember the company that makes sells the stand/camera combo. I will follow-up when I get a response back from the school that is using them and let you know. I think the cost of the stand/camera combo is about $160 when they bought them. They might be cheaper now since the price of the camera has dropped.
Thanks. I look forward to the update. Any idea how well the Logitech would compare to a standard document camera?
I haven't used a standard document camera so I can't really comment on that directly. The school chose the Logitech over other cameras due to the resolution and update speed. I have used it a little for displaying pages, scanning pages, and putting together videos for vodcasts. In all cases, it has worked exceptionally well. The only drawback is a lack of integrated light. A desk light works OK, but I would have preferred a smaller light on a gooseneck when displaying documents.

The company they were ordered through was Dukane. Get info at

A friend of mine has probably used it a lot more than I have, so if you want to talk to someone who has used it more, drop me a private message with your email, and I will see if he will contact you directly. (And I will try to get him to sign up for this board.)



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