I got one as a gift and I would like to know from any current owners if they like it and how they use it and if they have any apps I should have. I think the app list is very limited but I will use it as a quick and dirty Internet browser.



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I have been a BlackBerry user for over 10 years and recently purchased the Playbook. Although the iPad rules the tablet world, the Playbook will hopefully gain some ground despite RIM's non existent marketing and promotion. It is true that BB App world is very limited when compared to the Apps available on the iPad or Android Market, but there are many good free and paid apps in the education category that work very well for teachers and students.  Hopefully, RIM will get its act together on the new release OS which is rumored to have Android Player and will allow Playbook users to access Android Apps. All of a sudden, a whole new ball game.

Android Apps? Yes! I will keep checking for the OS update.


I have been a BlackBerry user for over 10 years and it is good...

In the next few weeks Spellathon will be available for the Blackberry. Presently this free resource for english and amercian spelling practice is available online, on the iPhone, on the iPad and for the smart whiteboard from Promethean Planet and Smart Exchange.






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