As part of a country education project forum, we are interested in exploring the concept of how digital learning would be evidenced in rural communities in 2015. However, this discussion is not limited to rural learning. Some questions:-
-what it would look like,
-how would it be used and
-who would be using it? What would be needed for its support
What is your opinion ?
Any ideas or responses on any of the points above would be gratefully received.

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Can you specify what you are looking for?

I guess digital learning no matter if rural or not rural will become more and more present in everyones life due to

1. Knowledge and like minded learner become more accessible online
2. The half life of knowledge is rapidly decreasing -> knowledge needs to be constantly updated


I believe that digital learning will be digital social learning. People will increasingly find and connect with like minded people and learning will be increasingly dominated subject matter experts instead of educational institutions. They will distribute content in various ways: audio, video, conferencing, games, written, etc.
Thank you Bjoern for your response. I am going to change the heading to just 'digital education', taking out the 'rural' option as you are right, it will be the same for all. However, our students get bussed into school, some spending an hour on the bus each way, so I wonder whether they will just study mostly in virtual spaces. I like your thoughs on like minded poeple and learning will be increasingly dominated by subject matter experts.
Hi Anne:

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Anne it is different for rural communities as not as many students have the technology resources at home, one would hope that by 2015 almost every house would have the internet, but being a small town Superintendent I would not guarantee that fact. It is our job to expose the kids at an early age to technology and the educational benefits (believe it or not there are still some staff that needs convincing). Then you force feed it home by posting grades, announcements, etc. online. Get a teacher to start a blog, we have one writing a text on a wiki. The kids will force their parents to move to technology, but it is a selling job and different from a city.
See me last blog post...I asked a similar question....what will "then" technology be in ten years....Power Point is almost a "then" technology. Will we really communicate over the Internet with someone in Russia when doing a project over say the Bolshevik Revolution?



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