Every student in a classroom setting is different from everyone else in their class. Yes, they may have a few things in common, but their learning styles all differ. Learning styles refers to the several approaches teachers use to teach their students. A few basic learning styles are visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning. For example, a student might be sitting at a desk listening to a teacher lecture about a math problem but just can not seem to process what he or she is saying. One thing the teacher can do is physically write out the problem on the board so that the student can get the full visual effect of what is going on in that particular problem the teacher is asking her students to solve. A popular teaching strategy used in college includes auditory. Most teachers stand up in the front of the classroom just lecturing about a certain reading or chapter in the book. Some students learn best from auditory teaching. Students get the opportunity to jot down as many notes as they need to just by listening to their teacher talk the entire class period. Lastly, kinesthetic learning is, in my opinion, the most effective learning style. Elementary school children are itching in their seats to get up and move around their classroom. Teachers are afraid that they will lose their students' attention if they do not allow students to move around, work and interact with others, or do projects that involve cutting and gluing. Students love getting the opportunity to show off their motor skills and have some fun. These learning styles that each student contains should all be integrated into classroom lesson plans so that teachers do not lose the focus of their students.

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Learning styles present a challenge. Since learning styles are diverse,it is a challenge to embrace or rather accomondate the various learning style in your teaching.Notheless we teachers have to remember that our students have different learning styles.

I agree with you. We have to be willing to differentiate learning to accommodate different styles. It might look messy at times, but the learning happens. I made this thread a few years ago but it captures learning in my room fairly well. I now have three standing desks and they are used constantly.




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