Should detentions be held in the library?  Our middle school holds noon detentions in the library during lunch time.  Is there any research showing that detentions should not be held in the library.  I feel it sends a message that "naughty kids" go to the library.  This will have a negative impact on feelings toward the library.

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They should set aside another classroom and keep teh library as a safe and happy learning environment.


I completely agree with what you said. I think that the library should be left as a fun place to go and learn. By putting detentions in the library, students may start connecting the library as a place where only kids go that get introuble. You should set aside a regular classroom instead for these students to go to.
I believe that it is a rather poor idea for detentions to be held in the library.  If a student is being punished in a certain area odds are that they are not going to want to go to that spot again during the day.  Detention should be held is a place that students normally do not go throughout the day. The library is a spot in the school where faculty members should be encouraging students to attend.  In a students mind they may think "I was already there for detention today."  This is not the message we should send to students.

I believe that we should not use the library as a disciplinary room.  How are we supposed to excite children about reading when they now connect the library with discipline?  Instead, those students who are not behaving should be placed in a seperate room to think about what they did wrong.

I completely agree with you. Holding detentions in the library is sending a negative message to the students. The library is a place where staff should be encouraging students ago. Holding detentions in there is sending the message that that is where bad kids go. A better alternative would be a classroom where the students don't normally go.

When I went to High School, they held detentions on Satuday...which entailed work chores around the school, lawn care and room maintence. By the first month of school, I usually acquired enough detentions to get me through the begining of Summer recess.




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