Hi all! Just wanted to give everyone a quick update on the Classroom 2.0 Book Project. Obviously, things haven't progressed quite as quickly as we'd hoped. Best laid plans and all that. Which is too bad, actually, since there are a lot of wonderful submissions. In fact, that's the problem. I'm afraid that the volume of submissions we need to review, aggregate, format, publish, and disseminate has been a bit overwhelming. This isn't really a problem - when assembling a site and a book from user contributions, it's the sort of problem you want to have. But it does mean that we haven't exactly turned this project around.

So a quick mea culpa is in order...Sorry for the delay, folks.

And now that we have that out of the way, I'm off to fire up InDesign and get things rolling. Within a week or two, you should start receiving emails with links to your published submissions (we're posting them to Scribd). You'll also be receiving instructions for posting links to the submitted chapters here on Classroom 2.0 for a round of crowd-sourced editing and comment from the community. Then it's off to publication! Stay tuned and feel free to add any questions or thoughts to this discussion thread. It's almost summer time - Good luck as the year draws to a close!

Chris Dawson 

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I am unable to find a link to my chapter. Could you please provide the link in case my chapter has been accepted for publication?

Looking forward to hearing from you.



I am at a lost. Didn't know all these existed since 2008 or even earlier. Where have I been for so long? In fact, it is all because of this costly and slow internet connection we have. Indeed, it is not easy to stay-tuned with technology (in terms of cost I mainly refer to).

Now I am impressed and really want to catch up.   I have been on the internet night-day for almost 1 week now. Can anyone brief me on how to get along. I am at a lost with so much - vimeo, presentations, blackboard collaborate, classroom20, participation, etc.

Great to hear from some of you.

Bye Fee Min.

Dear Steve,

I'm not exactly sure what is going on.  An contributor on Twitter said she was published in the Classroom 2.0 ebook.  The article Samantha Anth and I wrote http://www.scribd.com/doc/100899641/Karen-Giesler-and-Samantha-Anth... has a green banner that says published classroom2.0.  We have not received any information that we are published. The message above sounds like the chapters to be published haven't been selected.  Sometimes our chapter shows up on its own and other times it is in a folder "Cohort 3." There are small changes we would like to make so I hope we will have that capability. For example, it is listed as 4th grade, but the applications integrated into the curriculum are appropriate for a much broader age range. Any help understanding this would be welcomed. Thanks

Dear Mr.Dawson,

I submitted my article titled,'Social Networking and Blogging to Enhance Learning' for the Fifth Year Anniversary Book Project and was even listed in the Cohorts. But I do not know the publication status. Please clarify.



Hi Dawson,

what is the current status of the book!!!



Thanks for the news  getting ready to hear something big do give me a very good news...reply soon.

Hello Chris,

may I still send my contribution ?

If so, where ?

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Thanks for the news!

Java Tutorial or Core Java Tutorial or Java Programming Tutorial is a widely used robust technology

In 6 months, 9th anniversary ;)

Well thanks for this reminder. Will work on it once we receive the instructions. 



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