Children and Young People's online safety.. can parent's protect them?

I am currently writing a dissertation about children and teen's online safety and I am interested to know what people's views are on the extent to how their parent's can protect them from the dangers online?
Do you think they play a big part in this?
Any feedback related to the topic would be appreciated!

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Holli - I think parents play a huge part in keeping kids/teens safe on the Internet. As a parent of a teen, it is difficult at times to limit their exposure to some materials on the Internet. I do not think that teens are at detrimental exposure to "predators" as to friends and bulling. I think educators and librarians have a significant role in educating teens as well to not only the "dangers" online but also to the opportunities.
As the internet becomes more and more popular, children have easier access to it. The internet can be very dangerous when children's usage is not monitored. However, if a parent oversees the sites the child is using, the internet can be very educational. We automatically want to think about how dangerous the internet can be and we often overlook how helpful it can be if we seek sites that are creditable. Yes, the internet can have information we do not want our children to see but if parents keep an eye on what their child is viewing, it can be a very useful tool.
Hollie, this is a great topic for your dissertation. Personally, I feel that creating an open dialogue with your kids and educating yourself and them on the dangers that are out there, is the best way to go. I also like to take the "think before you post" attitude, and I think this is something that kids and teens need to be more educated in. You can check out our website, We specialize in youth Internet Safety. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to send me a message.



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