Anyone interested in sharing materials and lesson ideas for business education at the secondary education? I recently started a wiki with wetpaint and I interested in finding materials and Free web tools.

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Hi MJPage, I would be interested in working on the wiki with you. I teach accounting to senior levels but always enjoy seeing what business or commerce resources are around. Do I assume that I ask to join your wiki?
Hi, Anne that would be great! Please go ahead and join !
I'm new to creating a wiki and how all this works, but feel free to edit and add away.
We can star a new page for Accounting and I'll upload my materials and resources too.
Talk to you soon,
Just took a look at your wiki (What an impressive start you have!). I also added it to the FREE Teacher Toolbar (listed among Jane Hart's best elearning tools in education) at

Thanks for initiating what looks to be a powerful resource for Business Education (my passion too!) across the globe!

Best regards,
Hi Ellen,
thanks for linking me in....
I'll check out the PLB toolbar and site, I also teach online and in different subject areas.
If you have suggestions for content or format for smart business education, please go ahead contribute!
Hi, Ellen,
When it comes to Tool bars I never download them, because if I did I not have any room left inmy window. However I must say the proffessional learning board is a great tool. The resources alone under the classroom subject are fantastic, I only started with the video library and found some real treasures with conell and Stanford's. I can't wait to look through some more sections. I even had local radio stations from Toronto. Thanks so much for sharing that.
Hope to talk to you more about business soon.
Have you looked at Wikitextbook? It has two sections for Business, 15-16 yrs and 17-18 yrs. It is an open wiki project written by both teachers and (moderated) students. I don't know much about Wetpaint, but I feel sure you find elegant ways to integrate the Wikitextbook content into your project.

Another good free resource is the Business Studies Encyclopedia.

If you want to build interactive material around these, or you own wiki, or any other static source, you'd be very welcome to come and do that in Yacapaca. There is already a thriving Business Studies community there with 34 different courses already written and in use in schools around the world. The list of Business courses is here (requires free membership).

All the above resources are free, and advertising-free.
WOW you guys are fantastic!
Thanks for all the greate resources.!
I didn't know about any of those!
Ian I linked to the wikitextbook - can you tell me what GCSE stands for?
Is there a home page or backgorund info on how that one got started?

I'm eager to check out the other suggestions
thanks a million.
Welcome. I love it when stuff gets mixed and mashed like this.

GCSE stands for General Certificate of Secondary Education. Pupils in England typically take 9 or 10 of these exams when they are 16, then specialise down to 3 or 4 A-levels up to the end of High School. So a whole GCSE course is between 120 and 150 hours of study in total.
I'll head over there - I'm business ed in Australia.
Hi Marie,
I think it's great to get ideas from students and teachers in other countries. We'll have to think of an "international Business project" but in the mean time taks a look, hope you can find something of value and perhaps contribute too.
Hi, I am looking for fun activities and lesson plans for high school marketing. Thanks Beth

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