Schools have been having budget cuts and can’t afford to get every student their own device. This might be good for the private schools or schools with more money, but not all schools have students who have lots of money and their own devices. Families with more then one child might not be able to let every child have their own device. Therefore, each child has to share one device and they all can’t take the same one to school. I do not think this idea is fair because all students do not always have access to their own device. This is not their fault because they are children. They should not be punished for not being able to have their own device. Also, the teachers will have to be trained how to use every different device. If children bring in their own devices not every child is going to have the same device so this makes it difficult for the teacher. If children also bring their own devices there is not a for sure way that things can be blocked from them using it at school. Cyberbullying could occur more often if children have their own devices on them all the time. This is also encouraging students to interact more with their devices and less with people. I think using devices are great, but I think all children need to have the same device provided by the school. Children could be made fun of for not having their own device or not having the newest device and that is not good. I think devices are great, but I do not like the idea that children would have to bring their own device.

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