Hi everyone! I am sure you are all as excited to start the new school year as I am. I am looking to establish an online community for each of my classes this school year (one for my algebra class, one for my science class, and a third for my intro to algebra class). I would like students, as well as myself, to post links, have discussions, answer questions, etc. As the teacher, I would also like to have full control of the content, as well as only allowing those students in my classroom to participate. I would love to be able to create screen names and passwords for each student, if possible. Does anyone have a suggested site for me? Thanks in advance!!!

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I used the free version of this blog site 21classes with my 8th graders last year. The full control,no email required, only memebrs of my class could view and as administrator I had to approve anything before it was posted. Takes a bit to get it all set up but the kids really enjoyed responding to questions I had posted plus they were able to "create" their own studnet page. Take a look.
Having to approve everything that is posted defeats the ability for students to answer questions for one another. For example, if it is 8:30pm and a student posts a question but I do not accept it until 10:30pm, they may not get their question answered. If is posts automatically, there is a good chance another student will see it and reply long before 10:30pm. Having control over who posts and setting up the accounts myself, I know who posts what - so the need to accept everything is not necessary. Any other thoughts?
The 21classes site also has a message board function which posts in real time. This may help. You can also disable the feature that requires you to approve posts. Good luck with this!
Hi Linda,
I looked at 21classes at your suggestion. How many students did you have? According to the documentation, the free version allows only 10 student blogs under one classroom. Am I understanding it correctly?
I had18 students. I only used the administrator log in and put all students under one portal. Unless they have changed the number of students allowed, this worked last year. Good luck.
Well, you could certainly use TrUnity.net Make a new website for each class.

Whats great about it is you can also store and manage serious content related to the classes...and its free.

A really great interactive website design can be found at wetpaint.com You can easily have all of your students join the website by creating specific user names that can be almost any type of screen name. You don't have to have students use their specific names. They can then log onto the website, add text, upload projects, and use all of the features. Creating your initial website is a very simple process. You can have your website up-and-running in less than 10 minutes. You can then add pages to the site that you need. Let me know if you have any questions about the process. I have used wetpaint a number of times and like what I can do. There are advertisements on your pages, but this allows your service with wetpaint to be "free." The advertisements don't seem to bother students at all.

Mel J. Janousek
I think I am going to use www.edmodo.com. It looks to have everything I am looking for. Check it out!
Andrew, glad to have you on board with Edmodo, if you have any questions regarding edmodo you can chime in to the Edmodo or Support group within Edmodo, or reach me directly on twitter http://twitter.com/zemote :)

-Jeff O'Hara
Thank you for the Resource this is exactly what I need for my students
Try ning. It has options to preapprove content students add before it actually appears. I used elgg last year and liked it ok, but ning is much easier to manage.
For some reason Ning is not accessible through my network at school. It is not blocked, but for some reason the site does not come through.



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