I stumbled across the website Audio-Lingua and felt I hit the jackpot. I was looking for audio samples of Germans describing their hobbies, which I found, but so much more. There are sound files by native speakers with lots of variety to the topics. I created a listening comp activity from some of the files.

Audio files are available in French, German, English, Spanish, Italian, and Russian. The site comes up in French, but you can change the language of the site by clicking on a flag at the top.

If you have another site that has audio files, preferably for German language learners, please share.

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Definitely pass this audio site on to the German teacher. I looked at i-Culture and thought it was an interesting concept but priced much higher than my annual budget for German.
This is so great. Thanks!
I thought I sent you a message about this discussion but I can't find any trace of it. As I'm still a fresh user of Classroom 2.0, here is another post. I'm actually part of the team of the French teachers who created Audio-Lingua. It's always very nice to see that your work is appreciated.

Audio-Lingua always needs new contributions. So if you'd agree to record yourself or/and students about everyday life in the USA, especially Thanksgiving, or maybe Christmas or school in the USA... anything related to American culture and way of life could be interesting for an English teacher.

You can send me your contributions and I will handle the uploading on the Audio-Lingua site.

Thanks !
Hello Emmanuelle!
It's a thrill to "meet" you. I will have my students talk about their Thanksgivings or Christmas celebrations and events that happen at school. We use Audacity and save the files as .wav. Hopefully that won't be a problem.
Great ! It's going to be very useful to us, French teachers.

Audacity and .wav files are fine. Here is my e-mail address : e.duchiron@gmail.com
Just send me the files and I will take care of the rest. You'll just need to make your students' parents sign a permission form (see attached file).

So what do you teach ? How old are your students ? It's great to "meet" American teachers !

I'm looking forward to hearing your students' contributions. ;-))
Glad to hear that .wav files are fine. I teach German in an American High School in rural Indiana. My students are between the ages of 14 and 18. If you have specific topics you want my students to talk about let me know. I was thinking of:
Thanksgiving traditions
Christmas traditions
High School Football
team sport practice (every day for about 2 hours)
student schedules
a typical day from when school starts to when it ends
Senior prom (although my current students aren't old enough for this)

Are there any other topics you think French teachers would want to hear from American teenagers?
All this sounds exciting !

It would be nice to have something on Independence Day and any other celebrations that you do in the US (St Valentine, Easter... ?).

School is obviously very interesting : what you mentioned + mascots/colours specific to each school/sports team + pledge of allegiance

Also food habits (including fast food) + importance of food pyramid (is this really relevant?) + different types of restaurants (specificities of diners) + time when they have breakfast/lunch/dinner + what they have for breakfast/lunch/dinner

It could also be the last film they saw or their last holiday.

+ their opinion about France. What are the French stereotypes seen from the US ?

+ probably lots of other very interesting subjects but that's already a lot.

See what you can do with this and let me know about it. I'm looking forward to it anyway !

Is there anything I could do in return ? Any French teacher in your school who would be interested in some material in French ? Would you be interested to be connected to French German teachers ? Tell me.
Thank you sharing this with us, I will forward it to all languages teachers in my region and encourage other languages teachers and language assistants to contribute.

Another site with free audio files and complete scripts is www.lingq.com

Wow! It took me less than 5 minutes to find several recordings that I am CERTAIN I can use! The variety of accents is perfect for getting students used to the real world of Spanish speakers. Thanks!

Thanks for the resource.  Shared it with our foreign language teachers.



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