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I am doing some research to get information on technology in athletics.  Working on a article that will show examples of how technology has integrated and helped in the athletic world.


Does anybody have examples or thoughts on the subject?

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Wireless solutions will be one area that you can explore. In many cases you will be in the middle of a field where you would need to access technology:

1 - to take attendance

2 - check a roster


Let's not forget recording an event: football, tennis, baseball etc.

Having a hefty server to store and make available these recording will be another challenge.


Colleges may require actual footage of football players. Recording and converting to DVDs will be another area to explore.


Good luck.


Online School Records



When I was in high school, my basketball coach wanted to figure out the best and most organized way possible to keep track of our statistics. He figured that if he were to use paper, he might lose track of our individual statastics. He found a great way to implement technology in athletics. He would use his Blackberry to keep track of our statistics with a certain application he needed to install into his phone. At the end of the season, this application kept track of each player's shooting average, steals, rebounds, etc. It was great! Technology is still coming a long way. 

Is there a certain sport you are wanting to work with?
Not really - want to give examples of several if I can!

Hi! There are a ton of apps on iPods that are good for sports.  There are also pedometer aps. There are app games that teach kids the rules of sports too.  You could also use a flip cam or iPod cam to take a person swinging a bat or a club to demonstrate technique, and then you can show that video on a projector for others to analyze.  My husband is a college coach and they have a program that ingests game film and breaks everything down by passes, shots, goals, etc.  They can "draw" on the screen and even burn dvd's with it.  There are a lot of tools like this out there. 

Great responses - starting the article this week!
Jeff, I would be interested to share your article with my husband once it is published. Please share!



I sure will!



They now use video and  video freeze framing for instant replay for almost all the major pro sports..............The NFL uses for all kids of call, MLB now uses it for homeruns, the NBA can review certain things like buzzer beaters, 3pt shots and to determine who committed a foul, and the NHL uses it to review goals as well.  Video has also long been used to help athletes perfect or correct their craft.

In Pennsylvania high school wrestling coaches have to enter weigh ins into the NWCA Optimal Performance Calculator to track athletes weight loss and calculate an appropriate minimum weight class that the athlete can compete at. Also the coaches have to record the competition results for dual meets and tournaments into this same program.

As a former coach I used to watch various videos to instruct my wrestlers on new or different techniques.

A lot of tournaments also utilize technology to aid with the bracketing of the tournament.

One interesting way technology has been integrated into Track. The difference between hand times and automatic times is substantial. video play back has changed the way many events where half an inch could have been lost (shot put) due to human error is now being measured.

Hi Jeff,

Another one is the use of an application for signups. At AES New Delhi, I was about to program an application for our Basketball and other coaching programs to allow participants to sign up using a web interface. Unfortunately that project (not the idea) was put on hold since we are adopting Veracross this Summer and it provides sign-ups for such activities. Though, we extensively use in-house applications I have developed for other programs like After School Activities, Swim School etc.

The benefit has been increase in number of signups, better management of roster and even online payment eliminating the need for paper thereby reducing our carbon footprint.




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