Our school will be experimenting with several Android tablets as well as the iPad this summer in hopes of starting a pilot program at some point next school year.  Does anyone have any Apps, Ideas, or Advice they would like to share about using Android Tablets and/or iPads in the classroom?

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I love this site and have been using for some time.  Thanks.

Please consider Spellathon a free resource for student spelling practice in the classroom and at home. And if they wish students of all ages can fundraise for the school as well. The Spellathon iPad and iPhone app's were the number 1 education app's over Christmas. Children of all ages from over 90 countries are now playing and practicing via Spellathon. The app can be downloaded from http://www.spellathon.net

A group of teachers and I made a tablet guide to introduce different apps for both Droid and iPad.  You can find it on www.fefe.arizona.edu

To find the tablet guide create an account (free) and then just go to search and type in tablet.  Hope it helps.

I love that technology is making its way into the classroom more & more! There's a website where we as educators can review educational products & resources (including apps)! You get to keep whatever you're reviewing and they pay you based on the complexity and type of item you're reviewing. It's a pretty cool, on-the-side gig that's definitely worth looking into :)


The Missing – A dangerous truth , a free app, from The British Safety Council aims to reach young people (13-25 years) with important Health and Safety messages? Is this the app that will help save lives?


Scott, I don't know if you are still looking for feedback, but as someone who has had an iPad for the classroom for almost a year at this point I would like to help! I am a kindergarten music teacher that has not only used music apps, but I have also been incharge of Math support for students who struggle as well as RtI support for students struggling with reading. The iPad has several free apps that can help support student learning and encourage students to be excited about learning.

I have found that the downsides are that a tablet of any kind is not good for whole class instruction when using Apps and that most Apps are free to a point and to get the full advantage you need to buy the App. Also having Wireless throughout the school is essential. Like most other people have said Andriod has most of the same Apps as Apple so it is up to the school to figure out what is best for them price wise.

I have seen iPads used for math centers. There are educational apps that allow students to practice specific math skills while using technology. This allows students to receive immediate feedback on problems they solve.

I have an ipad and i really like it! you can get a keyboard on it to type notes on the notepad. what i like about the ipad is that you can connect it with your phone. if you are on the go and have time to review your notes, you can look at them on your phone. you can also get a study blue app where you can make flashcards on your tablet!

Here is a free Math Tests Library that offers providing and consuming tests as well as accessing learning statistics at http://www.orglib.com  which is supported on tablets, however questions that use JAVA are marked as (not 4 tablets) .

I think an aspect that is often over looked when planning to use tablets in the classroom is how these tablets will be stored, secured from theft, charged, and synced.  When we received our Nexus 7's we were totally unprepared to manage them.  The professional advice I got was to purchase a tablet cart from Datamation Systems, and this provided the perfect way to organize and employ the tabs.  I work in a middle school but our high school has iPads, and they ordered a few iPad carts from Datamation Systems and are very happy.  The iPad carts simultaneously charge and sync all of the iPads to one central computer.  Datamation make carts for 7" tablets and full size iPads and, from what I hear, has the best value as compared to competitors.  We are satisfied and highly recommend their carts to classroom teachers getting started with a tablet rollout. Hope this was helpful.

The app "Quizlet" is a great way to study terms and for students to quiz themselves in a fun and creative way. They can either create their own quizzes or use one on the thousands of already created quizzes to help them study and to retain the information they are presented. It might be cool to use in a classroom setting or for students who have completed work.

I think it's extremely important to think beforehand about what device to buy (personally I think iPads are not the way to go, it doesn't give you any options to change things and make the device specifically for students). After deciding which device to buy I think having a classroom management software is a must. You can't have a classroom full of kids with tablets in their hands and not being able to control them. You need the teacher to be able to control the students' screens, to see each individual student's screen on her device, and other functions which will make sure your classroom doesn't turn into complete chaos. Another necessity is an MDM, you need your school IT person to be able to control and manage all the devices within the school so if one tablet needs fixing the IT person can just take over the tablet from his own computer and fix it right away, the MDM also locates the device and can wipe it or lock it in case it's stolen or lost, you can implement policies through the MDM and much more.

Hope this helps..

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