Anyone know a web service that would allow a class to share, rate, and review links?

I'm looking for a way my students can share, rate, and review links to help them learn about a particular topic. In one class for example, students might submit resources they've found useful under "Web Searching Strategies" or "Blog Commenting Etiquette" and then together, identify the few links that help them learn best.

Right now, I'm thinking about combining a wiki with a service like Google Forms or SurveyMonkey, but does anyone know of a free service that could do this more elegantly? 

Thanks in advance for any help!

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What about using Diigo? You can share and save annotated bookmarks in a class group.

Here is a quick article I wrote on using Diigo to teach social bookmarking.
I like Diigo as well (and thanks for that link - I've added it to my list of resources for social bookmarking!), but I'm also looking for a way to have the links that students find most useful in learning a certain skill or about a particular topic to sort of trickle to the top. The problem is, I and my students find TOO MANY great resources. It's finding an easy way to identify the best ones that I'm having trouble with. :-/
HI Chris

Not entirely relevant, but have you checked, that gives you a collection of links on a particular topic.

Really cool interface.




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