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I am looking for recent programs focused on providing professional development to district administrative teams (Principals and APs). Particularly, I am looking for curriculum ideas, success stories, phases, what works/does not work, etc...

Working with a district that has just purchased a large amount of technology and feels (rightfully so) that the administrators need to be well versed in appropriate use, available tools, etc, so that they can properly assess its use in the classroom.

All site references, experiences and documents are appreciated and welcomed.

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Are you mapping your curriculum? See Dr. Heidi Hayes Jacobs' work on the subject.
Take a look at Scott McLeod's website or even contact him. He is propelling administrators into the 21st Century:
He also is on twitter:
mcleod Scott McLeod
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I am a high school principal and can confirm what you are saying. If the principal is not behind what you are doing it will have a hard time getting off the ground. I would love any information also...
eCOVE Observation Software is a very functional tool for administrators as they observe classrooms. Runs on laptops, netbooks and PDAs to gather objective data on teaching practices and student behavior. I developed the software after a full career of observing classrooms I wrote the software to bring technology to the observation process. I conduct workshops on data-based observations, how the use of data changes the dynamic between the teacher and administrator, and how to build a staff of self-directed professionals (and, of course, how to operate software :-). You can download a trial version at www.ecove.net. Feel free to contact me john@ecove.net
Your software looks very interesting. It is easy to see that you have the background knowledge that was necessary to design software that actually applies to the everyday life of an administrator. I wish you the best of luck!

My current administrators are using the ecove software program.  Like John Tenny said, it is a functional tool that principals can use while conducting walkthroughs.  My principal has it on an ipad he carries around. I'm currently in an educational leadership program and have had the chance to use the software.  It can be used to collect data on student behavior as well as for teacher obervations.  It's user friendly and will come in handy with the new teacher evaluation programs.  Recently our principals were using it to count the number of disruptions during academic at the three elementary schools in our districts.  Our superintendent will compare the data and see where the problem lies. 



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