Ian G-S started an interesting discussion of what would you do with the money if we closed all the schools?. Some interesting responses, yet so far no great call to shift all the money to other uses, digital or no.

What, then, about schools of Education? If you could redirect the tuition, capital, and funding for these Institutions, what would you do? That is, if some mad terrorist organization instantly obliterated the top 150 schools of Education, or some other bizarre calamity happened which left all other university functions running but the Ed schools, and left you a happy administrator of the insurance payments, what would you do? Would you rebuild them all as is? New buildings with a few mods?

Would you staff them with the remaining Doctors of Education? Do something radically different?

For a quick look at the money, the Harvard Graduate School of Education fields 1000 students at $55,128 per year. That's $55 million in just masters and doctorates in one year, from one school. (OSU instructs many more). Is what they are learning changing education? Improving kids lives fast enough? Would you do it differently, for grads or undergrads? What and how would you now want new teachers to learn?

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>How do you get that?

Something mentioned only very late in the article: "Another important factor, the report states, is that new teachers are trained “in schools with strong leadership.”"

Could it influence the positive results?



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