The World Mind Network (on whose Board some of you serve) is trying an experiment in Web 2.0 publicity gathering. You or one or more of your students may be able to benefit.
We have experienced the most growth when teachers and students cruise our site ( and become inspired by it to enrich existing class projects, or to explore new avenues of learning. This is especially true in areas akin to environmental education, knowledge of Third World cultures, preservation of endangered artistic or musical forms in the developing world, scientific research projects which welcome input or participation from students, and Fair Trade enterprises.
So here's our proposal: if you (any member of Classroom 2.0) want to bring worldwide recognition to an academic accomplishment of one or more of your students, and if said accomplishment either has been or might be facilitated in some way through the goals of the World Mind Network (essentially through LIVE webcam video of worthy artistic, scientific, cultural, and educational happenings), then tell us in detail about your student's achievement, and we will submit a press release celebrating it to BookCatcher, OpenPress, Dimeco, WebWire, or one of the other services which are utilized daily by major media. These sites are spidered by search engines, subscribed to by journalists, and used extensively by writers, newspapers, TV and radio stations, bloggers, and content providers.
Let me know if you have questions.

J. Beloit

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Hello John,

You and I discussed this idea 3 weeks ago, and I still think it's a good one. However, I have a new question: do the people for whom you will submit these news releases HAVE to be students? I ask because I have 2 people whose work I would like to submit, but they are artisans, not students. I found them through, the site that allows people to extend microcredit loans to 3rd world entrepreneurs. One is a sculptor in Paraguay, and one is a weaver in Tajikistan who makes beautiful woolen wall hangings. They could really use the exposure. Are they eligible for your proposal?

To answer Ralph's question: No, the webcams do not have to be from students. The only requirement is that there be some educational value in the camera view. Thus the camera can show an artist doing his craft, a musician playing, an actor rehearsing, a scientist in a lab, a teacher teaching, etc.
Hello John et al,

You might also mention that this is a powerful way for students to get exposure that will further their careers.
A good example is Phil Hansen, an art student who became semi-famous partly through social networkers who spread the news about his site
Another example is Kjerstin Erickson, a college student who used the Net to build an organization staffed entirely by students which conducts literacy and business classes among refugees in Botswana and Zambia.
Nowadays, it's never too soon for students to 'get the word out' about their talents.
Hello John,

Thanks for bringing up this proposal on Classroom 2.0.
You might also mention that in certain circumstances, a webcam will be sent FREE to schools who want to participate and who agree to upload their webcam feed to our network (which is also free, if you use, Mywebcam, or Yahoo Messenger webcams).
Here in Switzerland we are working on a World Mind Network channel called Rehearsals, wherein student musicians practice live and share notes (and riffs) with other students playing the same instruments in other parts of the globe. It's very exciting!

I would love to know more about this. I tried something like this with secondary students a few years ago when webcams were not as sophisticated as they are now. I think the world is ready for live communication between students from different cultures. The videos that circulate everywhere are useful and fun but videos are quite static compared to live communication. You can email me with more info at




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