We're looking for a health/PE teacher who can help create a virtual, unitized, digital program. We'd like to have some network in place where any teacher (or homeschool teacher) can implement basic rules of sports, or work with kids in basic demonstrations of nutrition, stretches, workouts, etc.

The vision:
PE/health expert records him/herself (with or without kids), talking and demonstrating various health/PE topics.

Teachers, parents, students could access this network and try out some of the physical pieces themselves!

If you know someone who may be game to start this type of program, let me know!

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Thats a tough ask. There is much to be said for personal physical health, individual reflection (on your health and activity levels) and skills competency and development. The other area is sharing that experience, competition, ethics, values.

Perhaps you would need to outline aims of such a programme?
A good starting point would be a Long Term Player Development model. Lots of sports governing bodies use these.

Good luck
I've still been thinking of this, marginally, but it's coming more into view now. Because someone asked me about this topic again, it spurred my thinking to make it more clear...but I still can't do it myself.

I think we'd want both individual and group activities highlighted and explained. If the teacher needed live demonstrations, we (my students and I) could work to create snippets of video to add to the teacher-demonstrations. We'd not even need to be in the same location, as we could send the snippets to the teacher for editing, or visa versa.

However, I do think we'd want to have mainly activity demonstrations/videos to "hook" the audience and have the philosophical pieces added to either the beginning or end of each video to show how that ties into the lessons.

Then, once the core videos and style were in place (say with about 10 videos), we could then invite others to create their own. This could be a cultural study of a location as well. "What do you do in your part of the world to have fun and keep physically fit?" We could investigate historical games and activities of a location.

I'm about as far from a Phys Ed teacher as you could get, but I am concerned with the health of my students and want to find ways to make it engaging and appealing to those who don't have ready access to fun or interesting ideas. This also would help to engage students in essential skills to create their own ideas.

My inspiration for the format, I must confess, is Artsnacks, lovingly created by Kevin Honeycutt. I think the subject could be transferable to nearly any type of lesson. It just takes the idea that every single one of us can participate in our own healthy and FUN lifestyle!

eaching Phy Ed Online?

Dear Ginger,

Perhaps this online PhyEd resource from Alberta, Canada will be useful. I am most impressed by how they've aligned standards across the K-12 grade spectrum.

An added bonus (or maybe a "duh") is this resource is available in French as well . . . I'm thinking this could be a way cool tool for advanced language students.

Best regards,
Not bad--this is a beginning of what I'm looking for; it's a cache of ideas and goals. I'd like it to be a bit more network oriented now, kind of geared to today's kids where they could go in and add graphic demonstrations, almost like a YouTube or Joost type of collection.

If I asked my students to go in and read those over, it wouldn't be as engaging.

BUT--this is better than what I had before, which is nothing! Thanks for sharing!
Hi Ginger,
I would just love to get going on this. Our PE teacher, Lenny Dale, was recently experimenting with having my kids film him doing "demos" of a lot of different fitness activities. My kids love this project; it'd be good to have a broad and meaningful "use" for it.
We've begun this semester setting Fridays off as "Collaborative Fridays" and "Financial Fitness Fridays." So, if you're interested, let's put a Friday on our calendars to where we can talk about it. I'd like the challenge for my kids to come from your end, either from you or Lenny Dale.

Your PE teacher has heard that my kids are pretty tech savvy and needs them to put together 5 videos demonstrating how they do (or COULD) keep physically fit. It could be individual or with a peer, but it has to show all aspects of the activity (including equipment, set up, etc). It also must show/demonstrated the specific physical/mental benefits gained from the activity. I should let you know, we have very limited access to equipment and supplies beyond our "corporate fitness room," of donated fitness equipment.

Contrariwise, if you would like me to do the same for your class (where I "hire" them to add to a site) we can do that. I find that in cross-school collaborations, the directive coming from a stranger makes it a bit more interesting. If you want to play a certain role from a fictitious company, that'd be cool too! I'd pay the kids as part of our school's business, that we've already been setting up. They could buy things for their homes, or lives, like cars and cool toys.

Let me know what you think! Where should we warehouse these videos? Where are your archiving yours now?

Does anyone else want in? It could be FUN!
HI Ginger,
Love the ideas. I'm sending Lenny over here to see the forum and responses; we'll brainstorm ideas, and get back to you. Could we do some of the planning at Fireside? When/how/where would you like to talk?
Thanks so much for putting this request out there.
Yes, I also really want to have you issue a challenge or job for my class.... !
I don't care where we brainstorm. Let me message you my Skype name. Do you Twitter (I LOVE it)? My name there is GingerTPLC and you can always reach me by messaging here.
For some reason tho, these new comments are not coming to my email, despite the fact that I do have it marked to do so. Ah well. I'm best reached before 7:30am CST and after 5pm CST. I have my first kid coming in at 7:45 and the last kids leave at 5pm!

I don't know where to archive this. What do you think about the Nomad Storyteller below?
Has she looked at the Wii fitness componant in a classroom sitting , Im try this but looking for feedback or any data...Pat

Maybe an application I developed called Nomad Storyteller would work for your project?
Here's a bit about it.

I have developed a what I consider a pretty sophisticated technology, an interactive multimedia design application
called the Nomad Storyteller Platform and would work nicely with your services. I believe it to be the fore runner to the way all web sites, and personal media applications will be designed. In my view the new design keys are user content and presentation creation centered, highly interactive distributed apps with multimedia elements, and collaboration services the include social media interfaces and unified communications services.

Nomad is designed to seamlessly provides these services in and easy to use framework that can be contained in most operating systems, and a wide range of devices. Nomad can be deployed on the desktop, set top boxes, web pages and social networks that include Facebook, and and Open Social API based.

Some use scenarios I have explored include:

- Interactive, viral marketing initiatives
- e-portfolios in career services
- e-learning
- digital lifestyle initiatives
- Universal personal digital archives
- Digital publishing based on multimedia publishing in a social network group environment
- Distributed signage and sorts of viral based initiatives.

As as a sample of Nomad access http://nomad.tzo.com:5280/xampp/nomad3d.html
via a browser (facebook version available also). Select the top story icon and a story list will be presented,
select a story and interact via scroll bar or arrow keys to position images, click on a center image
and image rotates and pulls in a context related video associated with the image. Click the video player "switch"
button on the right and the video player is removed. Not shown in the sample are text and audio elements. The arrangement layout of the images and video can be changed to different layouts and animation as a result of Nomad integrated 3D engine.

There is an early versions on Facebook http://apps.facebook.com/storytelling, and Ning http://nomadstoryteller.ning.com

Applications are created through the built-in Galaxy Story Editor. The format of stories is based on a story XML language I developed. Story layouts consist of "Sections" as seen by the buttons at the top of the story page, and chapters which comprise the multimedia layout connected to each section. Chapters also have pages which enables different views of new chapters to be streamed into a section. There is no programming required and the story layout in reconstructed at run time via Nomads XML operating systems As well, content contributed to stories can be pulled in from many sources such as Flickr, Facebook, Ning, Amazon S3, and Nomads own distributed storage system.

The bottom line is that teachers and students can build and deploy their own highly interactive workout e-portfolios represents their digital identity. Combining Nomads collaboration and story archive search services would enables all sorts of outcome initiatives to be monitored from a user centered and group prospective.

Sorry if there is to much technical mumbo, jumbo.


Wilbert Jackson
Hamilton MA
Hi Ginger,
I'm a PE and Health teacher that is currently teaching at Shanghai American School. After teaching both in the US public system and in the international school system I can confindently say that here at SAS we have a very progressive program. I willing to help you out if you give me a little more info about your vision.

For now- check out the following-
http://aquaticscenter.saschinaonline.org (the site I maintain for our aquatics program)
http://wargoelizabeth.com (a little more about me)
http://www.saschina.org (a little more about our school)

Let me know- twitter wargoelizabeth



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