The K12 Online Conference starts October 8 with David Warlick's keynote address!

If you haven't participated before, this is an all online, free conference on K12 technologies and learning.

If you want to spread the word at your campuses, scroll down for the attached flyer to reproduce or put up in the lounge!

There's more information available at, and video teasers of some of the presentations.

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Hi Carolyn,
You beat me to posting this flyer!

So I'll chime in supporting people trying this out - and there are a few of us Classroom 2,0'rs who are "presenting" at this conference (like me!) I put presentations in quotes, because it's not like any presenting I've ever done! I'm still trying to wrap my head around what to do.

It's really a cool experiment, the presentations are supposed to be viewable at any time, so even though the conference is set for a specific date, you can view the presentations anytime. Then there will be special times spread out to accomodate a global audience where people can come togther and discuss the various topics. Or at least that what I think is supposed to happen!

This is as much an experiment for me as everyone else. I'm not really sure what to do for the presentation. On my teasers, I really tried to push the envelope of my own multimedia capabilities by using simple graphics and just a few words to convey a message. You can see the teasers on the site.

I have to figure something out soon! If anybody attended last year's event, I'd love to hear what you loved (or what didn't work for you!)
oooh. pressure!

I think your teasers generated excitement. I know for me, the ones I enjoyed most, stretched my thinking, but weren't so "geeky" that I couldn't follow what was going on. Clear communication and ways to find more materials later on so I could follow up were important.

(In fact I think it would be cool to include a way to follow up on your session!)
I'm happy to do that - what do you think would work for that? Wiki, something like that? maybe we could just bring the conversation back here?

I think either way would be good, since you can direct them from your presentation. I just think it's nice to be able to contact you, or discuss the ideas later in a public forum, so all can learn!
So, here is the big question. I think CR 2.0 would be a great place to have some of those discussions, and we could even create a special series of forum posts for each K12Online session, with a list linking to the sessions and then also to the forum discussions. However, the K12Online folks are very anxious to have the discussions take place as comments on their blog site.

Hence, the dilemma. If we don't create a good discussion area here, I think a lot of CR 2.0 folks will miss out on what promises to be very engaging conversation. (And I love the threaded nature of Ning's discussion forums.) But if we do create a structure here, we are negating the intent of the K12Online committee's desires. (They've been pretty direct with me about this...)

Any ideas?
Gosh, I totally get the problem. It's not like I want to have to chase around and post things in a bunch of different places either. I signed up for a wikispace this morning because the K12Online people wanted me to have my "related links" done so they could post their session descriptions nicely formatted, and I just don't have my act together this far in advance. So I made a wikispace to link to that I can finish later. But now that's ANOTHER place I have to update. And of course I'll have to put things in my own blog.

Isn't RSS supposed to magic this all for us? Maybe we need RSS 2.0-- or RCS (Really Complicated Syndication) ;-)

I guess if I had to pick sides, I'd stick with K12online as the main discussion, since that's where people are actually going to find the content. Maybe just one forum here to discuss the conference overall as it happens and encourage CR2.0'rs to participate. Seems like a forum for every session here on CR2.0 would be very fragmented. (Even though I like threaded discussions better than blog comments as a discussion format.)
Hopefully, no picking sides needed. :) What I love about Web 2.0 is the freedom to innovate and come up with new solutions collaborative.
What would it be like to have an area here to direct people to their site/blog? And to "highlight" a few posts --like "on k12online" today--as a way of getting people to head over there?

Then you can generate some discussion here, but keep the main conversations there.
I'm sure I'll at least put a link up to the site. And we'll put some news in the Classroom 2.0 blog posts (



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