Content from websites like Youtube, Veoh, Metacafe can be embedded easily on the website... Any questions: read the FAQ or use contact form.

Please take a look at the website (which was created yesterday) and let me know what you think. Please use the contact form to send me your suggestions (categories, tools, look and feel, anything).

The idea is to have an online community that, much like Digg, will let users post videos and vote for them. All videos must related to education. We all know how hard it is to find useful videos on websites like Youtube (even though there are tons of them) because these websites are "contaminated" with not-so-relevant videos.
Whenever a video guets 5 votes, it leaves the "Upcomping" or "Unpublished" area and goes to the front page of the website.

Tags are very helpful for later retrieval of specific videos.

This is the first time I talk about this website since yesterday, so there is not much content there yet.

:) thank you guys.

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Good idea and good use of Pligg. However, I think you're going to find that www.TeacherTube.com is already established and there may not be a need for another educational video site. Were you aware of TeacherTube, and are there things at ClassFlicks that TeacherTube will have a hard time providing?
I was aware of TeacherTube.com, excellent tool! I thought of doing what they did a while back, didn't have time (and $ to implement it) and they finally didi it. :)

I'll try to explain in a few different ways so there is no doubt about what I mean to do with ClassFlicks.

TeacherTube is a video host service/community that hosts videos user UPLOAD to their server. ClassFlicks is a video aggregator that allows users to post videos (not UPLOAD, but embed) from other famous hosts like Youtube, Veoh and Metacafe. Just the best Educational videos will be publish according to our audiences taste. :)

Again, ClassFlicks doesn't request (or offer the ability) for the user to UPLOAD videos to the website. You can just "embed" videos that are already there, so instead of working as a video HOST like TeacherTube (that requests you to UPLOAD the videos to the website) ClassFlicks gives you a chace of just creating a database of the best videos that ARE ALREADY OUT THERE in many of those famous websites like YOUTUBE...

Our goal is to let the users have freedom to simply "add" a video that they simply stumble upon on other websites. Not to allow them to upload their own content (what TeacherTube does).

There are already many educational videos on popular services like Youtube and Metacafe, it's just too hard to go through all the categories, "digging" for those good videos everytime... With ClassFlicks you'll always post and vote on the best of the web...

My idea is to be for Education what www.Videosift.com is for videos in general: an Aggregator of the best "already-published-somewhere-else" videos. To avoid having to, like mentioned before, go through all the "junk" out there every time you want to watch/use a good video for your class...

ClassFlicks is like a "social bookmark" service for educational videos.

You can use the RSS features to stay up-to-date with everythingthat is posted in specific categories or all of them...
Instead of anything being published, just the most voted videos will be published. User participation counts.

I appreciate your feedback, just let me know if you still have any questions...
I also forgot to mention that it is convienient for people who have already uploaded videos to Youtube (and others) and don't want to have to upload the videos again... all they do is embed it on a website that is education-oriented. :)
For people who post videos on Revver to share revenue, for example, one more opportunity to spread the words about their videos...
Since ClassFlicks is copatible with many videos hosting services, it is possible to create a really rich environement full of the best of teh Web.

Well, I hope you appreciate the idea, anyway.



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