I'd hammer in the morning.

Well, I happen to have a hammer -- or at least a server -- that I lease from one of the web hosting services. My partner and I are looking for something creative to do with it. Something "arty" -- our mascot is a chicken in Yves Klein Blue. Something to do with education -- something "completely different."

If *you* had a server and a programmer and an artist in residence, what would YOU do with it?

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You might want to talk to Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach (21stcenturylearning.typepad.com) who has this idea about kids/students going to nursing homes and hospitals and recoding life history interviews. I sent her some sheets with interview questions I had gathered from different sources.

I also really like the idea of students creating wiki pages for their ancestors--the students becoming historians of people where they are likely to have source documents, and would be a great project for them personally. They could record interviews, upload photos, etc.

Am I even in the ballpark?

Altho that could be done with wiki-spaces or pbwiki ...

What I'm thinking about is something that *couldn't* be done in an existing space.
We know that Second Life/Teen Life are beginning to resonate with educators. How about a site to help folks create objects for those environments... maybe a "clothing store" where one could go to design and create clothing, perhaps automating the process in a better or easier way? Or a vehicle manufacturing plant, or..??? Perhaps you can create a modular site of some sort where different objects can be created?

Just a thought.. I haven't enough experience in Second Life yet to know how easy that would be for you.. but it would lead you into an area of future need that involves the three pieces you have in hand!



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