There are quite a few sites which offer applications for sharing and collaborating on documents, these are the sites that I have tried on different occasions, if you know of more please add:
GoogleDocs - online collaborative word processing
YourDraft - Online draft - shared editing - No registration neccessary
WriteWith - online collaborative word processing
Zoho Writer - online collaborative word processing
WriteBoard - online collaborative word processing

The applications share similarities and differences. So far I have found google docs very useful for working with my team - it enabled us to build and refine our curriculum online, from home, instead of spending extra hours in school.

I hope next year to use google docs with my students for both individual and group work.

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I have used Google Docs in number of different ways (started back when it was still Writely) and I just love it for collaboration. For example, I am planning a workshop for the National Writing Project annual meeting in November with a colleague from California, and we are working on a plan for presentation via Google Docs. (Hey, now we don't even have to talk to each other!)

I haven't tried the others, so I would be interested to know more about the features that make them unique or different from Google Docs. (Maybe it is just that they are not owned by the Google Monster).

Thanks for sharing the resources.
Hi Kevin, this is just a quick off the cuff list
YourDraft: Is basically a WYSWYG online editor which allows you to save and share and publish as HTML, it does NOT save previous versions. The following is from the site:
Publish drafts online, now!
No registration required
Share without passwords
Create and share content instantly without registration. The WYSIWYG editor allows fast and flexible drafting. You can give others the right to edit or only read your page and add replies.
New: Use to manage content on your webpages! 10 seconds set-up!
New: 100% clientside encryption. Only you can read your docs!

ZOHO - many people claim that ZOHO is beating Google in the online office category. They have a whole set of applications accessible with one sign in, including spreadsheets, presentationware, (I can't remember the full list.) Some of the apps can also be added to your windows office toolbars to enable quick upload. Zoho docs come with a set of templates. They can be added as pages to a Zoho Notebook. (Another great application that zoho have just rolled out is Zoho virtual meeting)

Writeboard is not really for documents - more like a one page wiki notebook there is more to it but I can't remember right now

Writewith is an application I have only tried once - I'd be interested to know if others have used it and what their opinion is.
For people who have not looked at Google Documents recently, within the past week they changed the interface and it is MUCH improved, with a great folder system to help you keep your documents organized. I'm a big fan of Google Documents! :-)
Being particularly unskilled at tagging - I was so pleased when I saw the folders appear in my docs :-) even more so when I realized that I could place the same document in multiple folders. is the best one I've seen so far. And it's ideal for student-student collaboration in class projects. I still have a couple invitations left -- contact me if you'd like one.
Allon, I'm a sucker for invitation only apps, does youfig support non-latin characters ie Hebrew and RTL directionality, if so I'd like to have a go.
Not sure - haven't tried it out... but let me know if you try (need your email to send you an invite).
Hi Allon,
I am looking for a student-student online document site that is not blocked by my district. If you still have an extra invitation to I sure would appreciate one!
OMG! I just replied to this! :) heh heh

Hey Elise! If you wanna' check out COUGspace (a place for shuksan cougs!) then head on over to and request an invite. I'll let you in. We're experimenting right now with just adults, trying to punch holes, etc... then we can talk about moving it school wide! :)
I would love to follow along as you set up a middle school ning! Heading over there right now.
Hey Elise, did you get an invite to youfig ? if not I can send you one.
Thanks Susan,
I haven't received one yet. I am off to school today so it would be wonderful to test it out and see if it makes it past our filters. :)



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