If you teach literature and composition in the United Kingdom, I would like to work with you on a collaborative online project. I am teaching a semester of British Literature and Composition this fall. We will be reading selections from Beowulf, The Canterbury Tales, and Arthurian legend, as well as the entirety of Macbeth.

I am not sure how to connect to UK teachers. If readers can help me out, I'd love to get your advice.

I am thinking of a blogging or wiki project.

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I might be able to help.

How old would the children be?


i have an interest about that...
Hi Francis and opengiga! What I am thinking about doing is something collaborative with a UK class who is studying Macbeth. I was thinking of something along the lines of blogs or wikis. Let me know if you are up for it and we can plan further.
How about collaborating with an American lab school class studying MACBETH?
Dana, I don't think anyone in UK schools is studying Macbeth at the moment. Currently, everyone is doing The Tempest. Sorry if this puts a dampener on your project.
No, no-one in English schools is studying Macbeth. My Standard Grade classes have been studying it for the last two years as we have no set texts on the course (hooray!!!).
I stand corrected Gavin. Are you in Scotland?
Yes, I'm in West Lothian...and not one of the many schools in India who do Standard Grades.
Good point. As they become better internet-connected, I wonder what we can do to reach out to them.
Schools in the UK are still able to use Macbeth with 14-15 year olds for a courswork element of their English language and literature exams.
Can, but is anyone in England actually doing this? I notice in Yacapaca that we're getting lots of interest in Tempest and almost none in Macbeth. Actual figures here if interested (but requires login).
Hi Dana,

Did you ever end up collaborating with a school in the UK? I was hoping to do something similar with my seventh graders when we read Dickens.

I'd love to hear about your experience.



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