Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hi all! I am Jufri from Indonesia. I am taking now CALL Course at SAint Michael's College, VT, USA. Glad to know you all.

I am an IT teacher from Aldergrove, BC.

I use internet based tools and resources whenever possible to give the students a chance to do their work from anywhere.

I am in the process of building my own PLN and am trying to convince students that their own PLN will be a big part of their future.  I may have 1 on the hook.  I would also like to incorporate "gamification" - it works on me and those who get gaming - so how to bring it to the rest of the students? good ideas - let me know

Hi Doug

I am Sanaa Fatima I'm a candidate of DTWICT (Diploma in Teaching With ICT) can you let me know more about PLN because it is a new term for me.

Hi everyone I'm Sanaa Fatima a teacher of junior Primary, I am also a candidate of DTWICT (Diploma in teaching with ICT ) I've found this forum really very active and full of enthusiastic teachers. I am always ready to accept challenges in using technology  while teaching, and always open for suggestions. I hope I'll learn many new ways to improve my teaching strategies.

Hi....I am Zaira Yawar from Lahore, Pakistan. I am working with Beaconhouse School System and teaching Early Years. I want some suggestions on how to deal with the barriers faced by the institutions in embedding ICT fully. Could you please help me by giving some suggestions.....

I am Tammy Malachowski (known as Ms Mal to students) and I teach at a community college in MS.  We are in one of the poverty-ridden areas of the state, so many students come to me with very poor backgrounds.  I teach General Biology (for science majors) and Human Anatomy & Physiology, so I usually get the more motivated students, but many still don't know the basics.  I've been reading a few books about education and am particulary interested in incorporating technology into my classes (plus I'm tired of fighting the use of cell phones in class, so why not make it usable).  My degrees are in Biology (not education) so I have learned most of my "teaching" skill from fellow instructors. I'm always open to new ideas and hope I can model this for students.

Hi, my name is Craig Field. I teach year 4/5 (9 & 10 years old) in New Zealand. I am looking for other teachers around the world who are interested in working together to provide a cultural learning experience for our students. If you are interested please email me at or comment on our class blog below. Thanks!

Hello! Chuck Thorpe at Kansas State University in Manhattan, KS here. Language teacher (Spanish, German) working in distance education for 20+ years. Anxious to find out more about Classroom 2.0!

Hi Everybody,

I am the co-founder of Quipio, an app that's been well received by the ICT community and educators in general.

It's a speedy little app for iOS that let's you create posters and lesson summaries for distribution on demand.

We have noticed people using it in conjunction with "Collage" apps like Diptic and Moldiv for best effect.

It's gotten 160,000 downloads and has an active community of users. We are @Quipio on Twitter, and on Instagram.

Download Quipio for iOS here. App is free. No in-app purchases either. 

Thank you for your time! Hope you enjoy it!


Zubin & Team Quipio


Hello everyone,

My name is Litisha Pyles. I live in Florida. I am a certified teacher and am looking for various topics to discuss and collaborate on. I am currently attending to gain my masters in curriculum and instruction/technology/ELearning. I teach K5-14 grades. Yeah, I know it is a lot. I love what I do, and the kids take many new skills/knowledge from my teaching. I target those students who are missing key points in their knowledge/skills. I found out I am great at finding those skills that are missing or students who have been taught these things but for some reason do not know how to use them. I have tagged these things as tools. So when students come to me, I test them with national norms, and real world applications to find out whether they are on target. When I find they are missing some tools in their tool box, I ask them how they use those tools. Many times it is just figuring out how they are misusing the tools in their toolbox and redirecting them to use it appropriately and efficiently. I make the learning fun and engaging and all students come away remembering the fun stuff we did in order to remember the boring stuff they had to learn. 

In my spare time (ha, ha) I visit nursing homes and volunteer at the local school district. I hope to learn new things in collaborating with others. I am willing to try new things, and am not afraid to think outside the box. Any comments/questions are welcome. 


In seventeen years of international experience, I have traveled, taught, worked and studied in over eighty countries. I created my own non-profit organization CAUSE & AFFECT FOUNDATION and have developed formative friendships and partnerships and has delivered motivational speeches to schools, conferences and universities about his efforts to combine social activism and education. Socially-engaged, politically-savvy and endowed with social skills needed to connect with educators and students across many cultures. 

I have also created the ACADEMIC SOCIAL ACTION COLLECTIVE (ASAC) which highlights the different approaches International Schools utilize to create social change in their communities and instill students with a lasting social consciousness. In addition to collecting pertinent feedback from teachers, administrators and students, our collective also proposes and implements innovative service learning strategies for International Schools to create their own effective social action strategies.

I am also enrolled in Teach Now Alternative Certification Program and will be teaching in International Schools around the world, so want to be involved!

I have done my Masters in Mathematics and B.Ed (Bachelor in Education). Having my heart settled at numerical and formulas, I opted my career as Mathematics’ teacher In Kuwait in 1997. In 1998 I joined The City School System and during my two year tenure with the system I completed my Post Graduate Certification Course from Strathclyde Scotland in June 2000.

I joined BSS in 2002 and worked as a Mathematics teacher in Karachi and Lahore. During my teaching period I extended my support to the heads and teachers on matters relating to mathematics curriculum development and improvement, while ensuring that appropriate materials, techniques, methods and instructions are used. I organized basic student competencies to be attained in order to progress to the next grade level. I actively suppotr new staff members in understanding the curriculum, materials, and procedures through demonstration. I also assist teachers to diagnose student strengths and weaknesses in Mathematics and also provide them with guidance and support which would further clarify a student’s grasp on the subject.

 In 2007 I assisted in developing the Class VII Mathematics’ curriculum for 'Educators' one of the education system.

In November 2008 I was promoted as Mathematics’ Coordinator for middle school for School Group 1.

 I completed my CPEd from St. Mark John in 2009. My role has been further defined as a Trainer; aiding teachers in contemplating the BSS mathematics curriculum and imparting it to the students in the best way possible.



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